5 Simple and Easy Ways to Tighten Your Vagina

Vaginal looseness is the worst thing that could happen to a woman. It is the main factor in the love affair that keeps a male drawn to you, well most of the time as the level of intimidation also counts.

But females with a loose vagina have too little of that intimidating factor because of low self-esteem. 

After females get married, the initial years are awe-inspiring because of the tightened up vagina provide the mesmerizing sex.

But after that, the vaginal walls begin to lose their firmness as a result of giving birth and frequent intercourse. 

Loose vagina is a common problem for which women seek a rapid and safer solution. Vaginal rejuvenation is an expensive procedure that has countless of negative implications in the body.

Which is why we are mostly going to stick with the natural ways to tighten up your vagina. Diet to improve your vaginal firmness could also be a part of the vaginal tightening scheme which is on the top of our list. 

Females who have lost the tightness of their vagina must read this article and follow the steps to bring back the real pleasure to their partner. 

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Follow Vaginal Tightening Diet

Vaginal Tightening fruits
Vaginal Tightening Diet

Certain proper diets are involved to make your vagina tighter because what you eat is how you going to be.

For example, a strict diet plan with estrogen-containing foods is involved such as pomegranates, apples, berries, carrots, soybean, and the list goes endless.

Once you have improved your diet, the inner muscles will act according to the nutrients which provide the vaginal tightening effect.

The reason is that polyphenols, antioxidants are important for vaginal health, and thus starting your body reacts to the process.

A healthy body is a sign of healthy sexual life and this is what we are trying to tell you first. 

Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises Illustration
kegal exercises

The hallmark of the vagina tightening scheme, kegel exercises is the most popular way to tighten your vagina.

It has been recommended by numerous sex experts and gynecologist to the women around the world who are facing loose vagina problem.

Kegel Exercise tends to tighten up the vagina by clench and release exercise, this enables the strengthening of pelvic muscles that play a major role in vaginal tightening. 

Doing kegel exercise to tighten your vagina is very simple, you need to find the pelvic muscle first.

Then, in the middle of urination, you have to contract that muscles for around 5 seconds, this pressure build has a gradual but positive effect on the pelvic muscle.

The 5-second process can be repeated several times in one attempt with a resting period of 5 seconds after every contraction.

Pelvic Stretch Exercise

Pelvic Stretch Exercise Illustration
Pelvic Stretch Exercise

This exercise mainly focuses to strengthen the core or pelvic muscle and pelvic muscle only.

This is really an easy-to-do thing, you simply need to sit on the edge of any chair and spread your legs.

Then keep your hands on the knees while pointing your elbow outside, this will lead to bending towards your ankles and spread your arms.

This is where you need to fold the pelvic muscle area inside, pelvic stretch is considered the most effective way to tighten your vagina with no harm done.


Yoga Illustration

Everyone knows about Yoga and this is one of the favorite ways for most girls to bring back their youthful sexuality.

Yoga is effective for having good physical and mental health, the regular practicing of Yoga is known to tighten the vaginal muscles.

Some exercises in Yoga have a positive impact on pelvic muscles like Bridge Pose which is the pelvic muscle tightening exercise.

There is proof that deep breathing can also do a great trick to your loose vagina. Doing it multiple times a day is recommended to get a tighter vagina in a short time. 


Squats illustration

Squat is the favorite exercise for women to tone up their lower body. Females want peachy round buttocks for which squatting is the best option.

At the gym, you might have seen some girls spending a large amount of time on squats exercise only.

For those who haven’t done this exercise must try it to energize their vaginal walls as a result of contraction that provide the best results. Here is how squats are done.

Stand up with your legs spread like you are sitting on a bench, push your muscles to go up for some time, and then sit down.

Now, while standing you have to push your hip outward which is the main theme of this exercise, squats will improve your vaginal muscles.

Unlike many exercises, squat does have more than 1 benefit, you will get a tighter vagina for sure with a toner lower body that every man loves to grab! 

Other Ways for Vaginal Tightening

You can either go for the surgical way or choose the natural alternative which is vaginal tightening gels and creams, 

Vaginoplasty is the expensive vaginal reconstructive surgery that tends to tighten the vaginal walls.

These walls have been loose for years and the only way it affects those is because no other way does.

It is a highly expensive and risky procedure that works on the labia inside the organ.

This the repair process of the hymen layer after which most women become in a virgin state again. Amazing isn’t it?

This also puts a burden on the clitoris so not that much amazing though.

Vaginal Tightening Gels

Vaginal tightening gels are the common natural way to tighten your vagina. Here we are describing the best ones that are made from the unanimous herbal extract which ensure 100% results.

What we are trying to say here is some vaginal tightening creams or gels you have seen might be a scam but there are those which works a great time. 

V-Tight Gel has been the product of the year since 2008 amongst women who have a loose vagina and low sex drive.

The gel strictly performs as a sexual tool to bring back the youthful look on your vagina. 

About V-Tight Gel and How It Works

V-Tight Gel Bottle
Buy V-Tight Gel

V-Tight Gel is an FDA approved vaginal tightening formula which has some remarkable ingredients.

V-Tight Gel ensures non-perplexed and pleasurable sex by making the vagina tighter. In 2020, it has been the only alternative to the vaginoplasty which is a great waste of money and also puts your health in the risk.

Thousands of customers of V-Tight Gel have shared their reviews about how it managed to bring a change in their sexual lives. 

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v tight gel ingredients label
v-tight gel ingredient label

The popular ingredients in V-Tight Gel are Manjakani extract which strengthens the vaginal walls from inside.

Witch Hazel is loaded with polyphenols, tannins, and phytochemicals which prevents the looseness. Then we have PuerariaMirifica which because estrogen builds up to create a tightening effect. 

How V-Tight Help To Tighten Your Vagina?

There are ingredients in the V-Tight Gel that belongs to the astringent class, this astringent causes the vasoconstriction in the vaginal walls to make them tighter.

Plus, the collagen inside the muscles reacts to the astringent beautifully by making the vagina tighter as a doll.

The soothing effect of V-tight Gel is because of the menthol to prevent the irritation and itching problems that many women suffer. 

The idea is to build blood flow to the vagina which delivers joy during sexual intercourse. After application, the gel won’t stick to your hand and is completely gone.

There is evidence that applying V-Tight Gel with Kegel or Pelvic Stretch Exercise could result in permanent vaginal tightening. 

Who else doesn’t want a tighter vagina forever?


Some simple ways to tighten your vagina are:

  1. Following Vaginal Tightening Diet
  2. Kegel Exercises
  3. Pelvic Stretch Exercise
  4. Yoga
  5. Squat

To put it bluntly, these exercises are advising to do for months to create a minor result.

Choosing alternatives like vaginoplasty will cost you very much but choosing a natural gel-like V-Tight Gel wouldn’t cost you much but it has some serious benefits. 

No woman shall experience sexual intercourse with a loose vagina which is seriously an embarrassment to the feelings.

Making your partner cum like a wild animal is only possible when you have the tightest package to choke it inside.

This is an ultimate men fantasy that females with a tighter vagina could only accomplish. 

Buy V-Tight Gel from the official website to skip the notorious scams telling you how to rejuvenate your vagina over and over again.