Aging and Sex – Reasons for a Loose Vagina + Treatment for Tightening!

Sex After 40 Made Easy – Women Special Sex is a mutual thing there is always orgasm in end felt by both or one of the partner. But when people hit 40 something strange happen it doesn’t feel the same way again, it often end up feeling unsatisfied and more stressed. It is a common […]

Sex After 40 Made Easy – Women Special

Sex is a mutual thing there is always orgasm in end felt by both or one of the partner. But when people hit 40 something strange happen it doesn’t feel the same way again, it often end up feeling unsatisfied and more stressed.

It is a common problem people usually face during this period of age.

In this age both the partner starts aging and body changes started rapidly. In women this decade is of pre menopausal or menopause stage which causes plenty of changes in her physique as well as emotional health.

The urge for sex and fantasies are lessen down to about 50%.

The energy at the end of the day isn’t enough to do it properly and the physical changes in women of this age might result in a painful sex or in some might result in less sensitivity to sexual intercourse.

Why it happened?

The reason behind is aging starts from this time period especially in those women who have had a very busy routine in their 30’s and in those who are less likely to concentrate over good eating and a good night sleep.


women's aging and sex

It’s a natural process and had to start someday, the youth hormone ‘ESTEROGEN’ secretion becomes less in woman body and cycles becomes irregular (enough stressing) but it doesn’t end up here the few other health issues starting to emerge with age.

Such as; heart diseases, diabetes and cholesterol.

As women age they start to think of themselves as a reputable person in society and often think of sex as a childish thing on their part which is just a wrong psychology nothing more, instead they should think of more classy and elegant ways to indulge in this natural stress releasing activity aka SEX.

Childbirth and Upbringing

Women are privileged with duties of child birth and upbringing by the nature.

As in late marriages this birth and upbringing schedule continues till 40’s.

changes in body after child birth

This whole process requires a lot of energy and time of women. The women with young children are found complaining about no sex routines and lesser time for their husband.

Child birth also changes the body stature of women not might be in first pregnancy but will surely do some changes in 2nd or 3rd one.

Childbirth also changes genitals appearance making it looks saggier but it will be gone once your cycle continues again.

The common changes in body and life style after childbirth are:

  • Post pregnancy weight.
  • The ultimate never fading stretch marks.
  • Messy hairs.
  • A no bath week.
  • A pair or pairs of always hungry lads.
  • Breast feeding.
  • Things never go as planned, EVER.

Does this all left time for sex? I don’t think so, that’s why children think parents don’t have a sex life because they really don’t have any after kids.

Change in genitals after 40
Genital changes in women

The youth hormones are also responsible for functioning of genitals, elasticity, lubricants and shape.

After 40 the youth hormone estrogen levels in blood becomes less and results in low blood flow in genitals, less elasticity, sagginess, less sensitivity, thinning of vaginal walls and shrinkage of internal openings.

This all effect sex real bad, converting a pleasure full experience into a painful experience.

But don’t be scared, we are not living in stone ages modern medicines have solutions for many of these issues as per your suitability as well.

Sex and Medications

There are many medications we get prescribed for different illnesses.

Those medicines can also affect on our sex outcomes. It is said that medicines which cause mouth dryness will also cause dryness in genitals.

Antidepressants usage can also make you less sensitive to sex and excitement, increasing the stimulation time.

The medicines with mood regulating effects have more effects on sex then other.

Women often mistaken it with problem in themselves but it’s not you it’s your medicines.

Physique and Sex

After 40, women and men both experience a vast change in their physique.

sex and physical attractions

Due to lack of secretion of youth hormones esterogen and testosterones the feeling of energy and excitement might get lost.

 This lack of hormones also increases the signs of aging as well as increase the weight gain in individuals.

This all can make you feel old and change your perception about yourself.

The less sexy and energetic you feel the lesser you perform in bed, this can also result in avoiding sex completely.

Muscle weakness

Muscles in our body break and repair themselves on daily basis, but when you hit your 40’s this repair system becomes slow and compromised result in weakened muscles.

In sex muscles are real important how fresh, strong and elastic your muscles are?

This really contributes in a felt up and fully enjoyed experience under the sheets.

How to make it easy?

This all situation effects sex but we are here to also give you tips to make it easy and enjoyable again as it were in 20’s.

Firstly let’s list down the all issues discussed above for effecting sex in 40’s:

  • Less energy.
  • Painful sex.
  • Less sensitivity.
  • Saggy genitals.
  • No time for romance.
Less energy

The less production of esterogen and bad eating habits can be the reason of less energy.

A healthy lifestyle can cure this issue, eating good also contributes in overall good functioning of body and might also hormonal flow in the body as it was in your younger ages.

A good early night sleep has also said to have effects on rejuvenating hormonal levels in body.

Painful sex
painful sex due to vaginal dryness

It is the commonest issue of all reported by women and the reason behind is dry vagina.

The vaginal dryness can occur in any age if it’s due to medicine intake.

There are certain medicines which can result in vaginal dryness, if leaflet in your medicine says dry mouth as side effects it will also cause a dry vagina.

Whenever starts a new medication look for before and after changes and if you find issues related to sex ask your doctor.

Painful sex can occur becomes of less stimulation before sex for that talk to your partner and increase the foreplay durations.

Another cure for vaginal dryness is use of lubricants to support penetration. There are large numbers of vaginal lubricants available in market.

Less Sensitivity and Saggy Genitals

As you age vagial walls become less elastic and less sensitive making intercourse less felt up by them as well as by their partner.

These conditions affect orgasm of both partners which really highlight this issue.

V-Tight Gel

There are available workouts to strengthen the vaginal walls and muscles one of it is vaginal weight lift.

Different weight sizes are given, start with the smallest one put it in your vagina and try to hold it for few seconds and then gradually increase the weight.

This exercise tone Vagina muscles, brought back the elasticity and reduces the saggy appearance too.

Another fastens up cure for all of above discussed situations is V tight gel.

It’s a natural formula to get back tighten and firm vagina in a healthy way. It is used and suggested by number of females.

What is V tight gel?

V tight gel is a gel for your vagina to give it back the toned form it was once in.

The claimed benefits of V tight gel are:

  • Tightness and suppleness in vagina.
  • Firmness and elasticity restored.
  • Rejuvenates the skin and muscle around vagina.
  • Maintains natural lubricant and prevent dryness.
  • Makes you feel young and sexy again.

Manjakani extracts are the most aiding element in curing the vaginal issues and are used in this gel to benefit women around the globe.

Ticking Clock

As a matter of fact, making time for romance out of your busy schedule is directly up to you that how much you want it.

The youthful and supple feelings of V tight gel might end up wanting you more of it.

In the end a tip for all; eat healthy, sleep tight, love yourself and love people around you believe me you won’t  need a Botox then.

But if you have wasted enough time stressing over petty things and end up saggy over all your body; a strict diet plan, gym routine and V tight gel all are in your grasp choice is yours.

Buy v-Tight Gel

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