Best Vaginal Tightening Exercises for Loose Vagina

There are some concerns about loose vagina females have for which they search best vaginal tightening exercises and how to enjoy sex like before.

First of all, signs of a loose vagina are peeing while laugh, giving birth to a child and heavy weight lifting tends to destroy the female pelvic floor muscles.

Some important muscles keep the vagina, bladder and rectum supported and if they become weak your body wouldn’t be as flexible as it needs to be.

The vagina opens up and loses its tightness after most women give their first childbirth.

Female bodybuilders who lift heavy weights also have weakened pelvic floor muscles which is the reason for loose vagina.

It is certainly an embarrassment that your partner experience a loose vagina due to which the sex seems quite dull.

This is the time you need to know about the essentials of Vaginal Tightening Exercises.

Not only you need to know about the best vaginal tightening exercises there are but also which muscles you can work out for the sensational and intense orgasm.

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Muscles Associated with Vaginal Tightness

3 Muscles Are Found As Most Important In Keeping The Vag Tight.

Pubococcygeal Muscles

PC muscles are a set of 3 muscles that works like a hammock from the back to the front of the pubic bone.

This also surrounds the vaginal opening and the rectum. These muscles contract on a certain rhythm upon orgasm, so the stronger these muscles are, the more will be the intense orgasm.

According to Hilary Cholhan, MD, director of the Rochester Regional Continence Center in Rochester, New York “If you tone enough your muscles, this means you are increasing mass and greater blood supply which improves overall sexual sensation.

Tips to Tone-Up the PG Muscles

There is a Kegel Exercise for strengthening the PC muscles which is more familiar to many women after their pregnancy.

This basically involves contraction and relaxation of these muscles in a way that you are trying to stop the urine flow.

It’s the best idea to stop the urine stream while you’re in a bathroom to work out the Pubococcygeal muscles.

Some women mistakenly squeeze the anal muscles which shouldn’t be like this way.

Uterine Muscles

Female uterus is a pear-shaped muscular organ which upon contraction does a great deal to females.

This will enhance the climax, elevate the mood, and improves the chances of fertilization.

Sex therapist Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., and author of Discover Your Sensual Potential says “If you can control your uterine muscles you will be able to pull up the uterus during sex, you will be exposing the dead-end of the vagina for penile thrusting.

This actually meant one of the areas called Cul De Sac which is a sexually stimulating area for women.

Many women who get an instant orgasm is due to the stimulation of these muscles.

Tips to Work Out Uterine Muscles

Sit like a bottoms-up pose and get into classic bicycling with your legs in the air position.

This will help you locate the uterine muscles as many women identify it in a first try.

While returning to a lying position some females will feel some air amount is coming out of their vagina.

This is the position you want to re-create by tightening the lower abdominal muscles which are located just above the uterus.

Quadriceps Muscles

While females are on the top during sexual intercourse, the muscles of the front thighs play an important role.

This is the position which usually stimulates the G-Spot and other sensitive areas of the vagina.

How to Work Out Quadriceps Muscles

The toning tips of Quadriceps muscles will let you build stamina and power.

One of the finest moves to achieve both of these features is by Wall Sit. This can be done by standing two feet away from a wall and lean back so your torso touches the wall.

Now slide down and bend both knees until your thighs are parallel to the floor. You can hold it for 30 seconds max and build up to one to two minutes of sitting.

Powerful Vaginal Tightening Exercises

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are merely the contraction of Pelvic Floor Muscles and other muscles support the vagina.

One of the finest ways to perform kegel exercise is imagining that you are trying to stop the pee flow in the muscles to tighten the pelvic muscles. 

You can also inhale and relax for sometimes, while exhaling and contracting the muscles at the same time, hold for 5 seconds and repeat the same gesture 10 times.

This set can be done 4-5 times a day, the key to tighten vaginal muscles is continuity and using gradual resistance.

Vaginal Weight Lifting

Jennifer Lawrence concurs with this gesture at one of her interviews. This thing is not hard as it sounds, there are many weights for the vagina like the one Je Joue’s Ami Balls that go half inside the vagina and remains half outside, giving your muscles involuntary contraction.

PASSIVE CONTRACTION is the name of the game; the weights can be worked with active contractions or another exercise at the same time.

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Glute Bridges

You can perform this exercise while lying down and this is great for tightening the vagina with other extra bonuses.

 Here’s how to do Glute Bridges

You can start by lying down with your knees up and separate slightly apart while your feet touching the floor.

Now, slowly raise your hips up off the floor while tensing your glutes. This is the time where you form a bridge from your shoulders touching the floor and hold at the top before leaning your hips down.

Leg Ups

Leg Ups is another vaginal tightening exercise that helps you build muscle strength and feel relaxed in so many ways.

The best way to do Leg Ups is by laying on your back flat on the floor. Now, tense the tummy muscles and slowly lift your legs towards the ceiling, one leg at a time.

Never bend the knees for Leg Ups and keep the pace slow so you can feel the burning of the calves.

The exercise mainly focuses on the Pelvic Floor Muscles that we mentioned above.

Medicine Ball Sit Ups

You can get a tight vagina with 6-packs at the same time with the help of this exercise. Here is how to do it.

Sit with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, now lay down on your back on the floor grabbing a medicine ball, when you sit up slowly tense your tummy muscles as you go.

Medicine Ball Sit Ups is the advanced version of crunches to make stomach muscles toned and will require a plethora of balance.

This will certainly burn the fats and end in making your vagina tighter faster.


When you have stronger core muscles, building stronger pelvic floor muscles isn’t hard.

According to Clue’s research team Pre-pregnancy fitness expert, Nicole Broadie “Squats are really effective and a great compound exercise that not only works out the glutes but the CORE.

Nicole Broadie also explained how it can work as a type of kegel exercise when you engage the pelvic floor muscles in the middle.

Performing Squats is relatively easier than other Vaginal Tightening Exercises, you just have to stand on your feet a bit wider than the shoulder width.

Now, lower yourself until your thighs are just parallel to the floor. Stand back up with your weight in the heels, you can do them against the wall for at least 10 seconds to engage the pelvic floor muscles.


Best Vaginal Tightening Exercises for tighter vagina enhanced orgasm, and fuller satisfaction plays a significant role in a female’s life.

Sometimes it only takes one simple exercise to keep the vagina looks like it has never seen a penis before.

But again, persistence is required when you are on a verge of losing your partner’s sexual interest.

Always remember, with a tighter vagina comes a great deal of sensations which can be difficult to handle at times.

We are talking about the Zenith of sexual satisfaction that you can achieve by doing the vaginal tightening exercises with great dedication.

Or more, you can invite a touch of Vaginal Tightening supplements such as V-Tight Gel which can work in a fair combination with the exercises that we mentioned above.