Facts about Vaginal Smells – How to Get Rid of the Smell of Your Vagina

Vaginal smells or odor is normal in some cases, but when it becomes seriously irritating to your or your partner, it’s time to read this article.

First of all, Vagina isn’t a perfume dispensary, of course, it emits different types of odor which is normal under healthy status.

Some gynecologists suggest females whose vagina smells fishy or bread-like must not take it for granted, not at least for a prolonged period.

Some types of infections could also cause a bad vaginal smell, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Most Common Reasons Why Your Vagina Smells Bad

The vaginal odor should not be taken for granted and must be treated either way.

Here are the most common reasons why women have a smelly vagina.

Bacterial Infection:

There is a specific type of bacteria called Bacterial Vaginosis which is also a common type of infection that occurs in females.

The age limit to this infection is 15-45 years as per the CDC. The reason for this is the accumulation of too much bacteria which causes a drastic decrease in your vagina pH.


Some common foods like pineapple of citrus fruits are rumored to make your vagina smells fruity, whereas fried foods or food with excess Trans-Fat make your vagina smells bad. These are based on subjective experience with no scientific explanations.

Leaving a Tampon and Forget about it:

According to Dr. Lauren Streicher, M.D, this is the most common reason for a smelly vagina. Some women place the tampon at the end of their menstrual cycle and forget about it.

Sometimes they don’t even notice they need to put in a new one while having sexual intercourse while they still have it on.

Most gynecologists in the US confirmed the majority of women coming in with vagina odor discovered that they forgot their tampons.

Sex without Condom:

If you experience a bad vagina odor after the sex, this makes a lot of sense as two people’s fluids combined along with the sweat and moisture could alter the vaginal PH.

Typical vaginal ph is slightly low while the PH of semen is higher so there is a chance an odor can be formed.

This type of smell could be washed away in a day or two after you take a shower but if it continues to happen, call your doctor.

Yeast Infection:

Yeast infection with or without certain discharge produces bad vagina smells. This can be overcome by taking OTC medications for yeast infection which should clear out the infection in a few days.

Even if the medications don’t help, call your gynecologist, and fix an appointment.

Menstrual Cycle:

During periods, normally the vaginal odor smells a little stronger because of the bleeding.

There is nothing to be alarmed about, the blood has a higher pH which makes the vaginal flora less intense during the period.

This type of vaginal smell during periods isn’t so much pungent or bothersome and goes away once your periods are finished.

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Types of Vaginal Odor:

Different types of vagina smells are there each of which tells us what’s wrong with a person.

The three most common vaginal odor women experience in their lifestyle and those are alarming ones, are:

Vagina Smells Fishy – What Does It Mean?

If your vagina smells like a fish which we all know how it smells, you may have bacterial vaginosis.

These bacteria interfere with the pH of your vagina and create a fishy odor while it’s in the process.

Fishy scent can also mean that one might have Trichomoniasis, as per CDC guidelines. It’s better in both scenarios to consult a physician before it gets worse.

Vagina Smells like Bread – What Does It Mean?

It’s not the first time you are hearing about this, are you?

Yeast infection is the main reason for vagina smells like bread. When your vagina smells like bread, it’s not that annoying but still has a distinct scent.

Upon yeast infection, the pH of the vagina remains the same but yeast creates an odor especially upon discharging which is bad but not bad as a fishy smell.

Vagina Smells like Garbage – Does It Mean Something?

This can be because of the forgotten tampon as we mentioned before which stinks badly! This is the worst type of vaginal odor one could smell, this is usually caused by the hoary blood remains which also has a zoo-like scent upon oxidation.

This will certainly alter the pH of the vagina which should be between 3.5-4.5, this will lead to a breeding ground for bacteria or different types of infections.

It’s always a better idea to fix a time when you need to change the next tampon.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Your Vagina?

Here are the 7 potential ways to get rid of vaginal odor that we can perform at home.

Changing Underwear:

Wear 100% cotton panties next time because the silk, satin, or polyester panties are the reason for vaginal odor.

The reason why we recommend cotton panties is because they are breathable and does an excellent job of reducing sweat and other fluid from the body.

Extra moisture could be upsetting to the vagina and helps bacteria to grow.

Use of Deodorizing Products:

Do not spray the perfumes of other deodorizing products near the vagina but spray them outside the labia.

The compound in a perfume must not enter the vagina as it alters the natural atmosphere which can lead to much bigger problems.

Use of pH Product:

It’s recommended to use the OTC pH products to restore the pH of the vagina. If using a pH product makes the smell even worse, you need to use a different product but before that make an appointment with your doctor.

Essential Oils for Vagina Odor:

The treatment with Essential Oils is becoming highlighted in the medical world. It is the antimicrobial and antifungal effects of Essential Oils that may help reduce the odor-causing bacteria.

The key to use Essential Oil for vagina smells is NOT to apply them directly to the skin.

The oil must be diluted first with the carrier oil which can be still irritating to the vaginal sin.

OTC creams that have essential oil in it can also be used to apply in the genital area.

Soak in Apple Cider Vinegar:

Frequently bathing in hot water or taking a hot shower can alter the natural pH of the vagina, but not if you take a different type of bath.

This will be by filling 1-2 cups of Apple Cider Vinegar into a warm bath and soak the vagina for 20 minutes.

Vinegar has a natural tendency to eliminate bacteria and thus reducing the bad odor.

Prescription Treatments:

Prescription treatments are given to females with vaginal odor if OTC medications fail to do the trick.

Some prescription treatments involve antibiotics or antifungals which must be provided to you by the doctor.

Always Practice Good Hygiene:

Cleanse the area surrounding your vagina with a moist washcloth to wash away the dead skill or dirt.

You can use an antiseptic soap on the outside but make sure it doesn’t go inside.

Because inside the vaginal labia, the area is way too sensitive and the burning effects of soap could happen.

Do not use Loofahs while washing your vagina because they can cause small tears on the surface, exposing the area to the infection.


Vaginal smells are a factor to consider especially when you are newly married and want to keep the intimidation.

The smell from your partner should go away in a few hours and this doesn’t mean you need to go see a doctor or whatsoever.

A little caution in your diet is necessary because what you eat is how your vagina smells. Avoid drinking too much alcohol or eating processed foods.

Some parts of our diet could trigger the bad vagina smells by various bacterial or fungal infections. Some types of vaginal gel like V-Tight Gel with natural extracts could be useful in eliminating vagina dryness which contributes to bad vaginal odor.

If the vagina smell is caused by STI or bacterial infections, the smell won’t go away until you get it completely treated.

This means a visit to the gynecologist is mandatory to assess the symptoms. In case of burning, itching, or redness on the top of the labia, make an appointment with your doctor.