How to Tighten Your Vagina at Home – 7 Tips for Loose Vagina!

But thankfully, there are remedies for flabby vagina, methods that are quite useful in restoring the pre-stretched state of your loose vagina.

Being a woman is no easy job; our patience and tolerance are tested in a number of ways that are totally inevitable to us.

Of course, life itself is quite challenging but the complexities we women get to encounter are far more intense than what men get to face.

Childbearing, hormonal imbalance and menopause are some natural processes that are counted as a part of womanhood.

All these natural processes end up at some bitter notes and one such note is the loosening of vagina.

But thankfully, there are remedies for flabby vagina, methods that are quite useful in restoring the pre-stretched state of your loose vagina.


Vaginal slackness is a problem that is completely natural and very much common.

Experiencing a problem like this is not something to feel shameful about as there are a variety of problem solvers that are simply helpful in firming and reinstating the elasticity of your pelvic muscles.

On top of being effective, there are certain methods that work too fast, ensuring a tightly packed vagina in a matter of days.

Spoiler alert: Surgery- is not one of the methods we are referring to!


As your vagina starts to lose its elasticity and the muscles start to stretch, problems pertaining to your sexual life start to emerge.

No wonder, widened genitals could never give you the same level of pleasure you once used to get with the compressed ones.

Other than that, it affects your confidence in bed for you constantly worry about being less of satisfaction for your other half in bed.

Sadly, you will come across women who will rather choose to suffer than standing against the problem that is affecting their peace of mind.

For them, problems like these are too personal to keep it to themselves than letting people know about it.

What if you get to know about something that can keep this private concern to yourself, whilst, creating that life-altering change secretively?

Would you still prefer to suffer in silence then?

vaginal tightening cream
v tight gel

V tight gel is a cream you can try for some noticeable, vaginal tightening effects.

The brand ensures quality with the promise to squeeze your vaginal muscles at its best.

When combined with a recommended regime comprising of exercises and diet, one can generate the similar level of effects that are rooted by vaginoplasty.

Well, this is something surgeons will never want you to learn!

V tight gel will let you overcome the concern without stepping out or letting others know what you are up to.

Unlike many cheap and low quality vag tightening products, V-tight gel is the result of extensive research, trials and testing.

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A slack lady part could be the cause of shattered confidence in bed.

Of course, we all love to be loved and return the favor through the same amount of satisfaction our partner gives us through intimacy.

However, with a loose vagina, there is no guarantee or say, there are poor chances of your partner getting up completely contented from the encounter.

Thereby, accepting, gathering the needed courage and stepping forward for a change is what it takes you for a completely altered sexual life.

Believe it or not- while you are here, you have almost crossed the half way for a compact, virgin-like vulva!


V-tight gel can sure work as an alternate for Vaginoplasty, provided that you use it as per its set of instructions.

embraced with loose vagina

The product comes with a complete guide that assists the users about its do’s and don’ts, instructions, recommendations and ways to enhance their effects with V-tight gel.

No wonder, precision with the guide means making your way to a taut vagina- speedily. 

As stated earlier, a product like this could save you from spending a fortune on vaginoplasty, in secrecy, in budget and within your comfort!

So, are you ready for a steamier and pleasure-filled intimacy? You better be!


Similar to the other muscles in our body, the vaginal muscles too, lose their elasticity, firmness, and tissues for a number of reasons.

how to tighten your vag with exercise
Vaginal tightening exercises

These muscles too, need rejuvenation for the restoration of their health, strength and firmness they had earlier.

Realizing this important aspect is very important if you are failing to enjoy sex or your partner is complaining about his poor sexual pleasure with you.

Sex is more satisfying when the vaginal canals are tighter and firmer.

No wonder, constant penetration into a stretched tight vagina increases the chances of experiencing orgasms far more than with a flabby one.

And so, what more of happiness when you have a spicy sexual life and are capable enough of fulfilling your partner’s sexual need every time he comes closer to you?

Isn’t it the boost for your intimate confidence?

Personally, I am sure of the results generated by the product I am recommending, that is, V-Tight Gel.

In fact, I have witnessed it saving many women with the distress of feeling insufficient, from my social circle.

For them, intercourse is more fun now with orgasms they seldom used to have. I simply don’t doubt why it is the leading Vag tightening brand or claims it to be.

To say the least, it can revive the lost glory of your romantic relation and help you feel ‘wanted’ again.


The science behind a loose vagina is not something complicated or hard to understand.

As we know, the vagina is a muscle that tends to be firm and elastic in general.

However, with time, or under certain circumstances, it tends to lose its elasticity, causing the muscles encompassing the genitals to relax.

In a situation like this, the lady part gets stretched or loosens up.

Factors that do or do not affect the elasticity of vagina are:

1. Childbearing:

As a woman gets closer to the delivery moments, her genital muscles start to contract and enlarge repeatedly.

Besides this, when the baby make its way out of the vagina, the canal tends to expand.

This contracting, enlarging and expanding ultimately affects the elasticity of the muscles, causing them to stretch and slack.

No wonder, childbearing has a connection with a flabby vagina, but thankfully, when the nature runs its course, it enables the muscles to get back to their pre-stretched state.

However, back to back deliveries cause permanent loosening of vagina as it does not get enough time to bounce back to its original condition.

So, this is the foremost reason behind the slacking of vaginal walls.

2. Vaginal lubrication:

Now there is a difference between wetness and excessive lubrication which is often misinterpreted as the stretched up vagina.

Of course, we women tend to get wet as an indicator that our body is geared up for penetration, however, some women lubricate a lot which leaves the men unsatisfied due to poor friction- something that causes pleasure for them.

In a case like this, dissatisfaction is not rooted by flabby vagina, but due to over-lubrication that is often caused by the intake of medicines or drugs.

However, substance abuse and medication are not the only factors to be blamed; hormonal imbalance too triggers undue discharge that makes the encounter less of fun.

So if you or your partner is leaving the bed unsatisfied, try to identify the actual cause than making random assumptions.

Through this, you will be in a better state to address the concern wisely.

3. Excessive sex:

It is generally assumed that an excess of sex makes you loose down there.

painful sex due to vaginal dryness

We further get to hear that those who crave more for sex are more likely to lose the youthfulness of their genitals way earlier than those who seldom involve in sexual activities.

Well, let me be clear here! An excess of sex has nothing to do with your vagina, or even with a penile!

Sexual activities have no negative impact on your vaginal walls. In fact, some researchers suggest that regular sex adds to your mental and physical health, while orgasms fortify the vaginal canals through contractions that serve as the exercise for the muscles.

Thereby, we can say that orgasms or a fulfilling sex actually contributes to a super compressed vagina.

4. Aging:

As we age, our muscles start to lose its strength and tissues and we get weaker and weaker with every passing year.

The pelvic floor muscle that supports our organs like uterus and bladder too, get affected with the aging process, like any other muscle in the body.

Poor strength and weak pelvic muscle is equivalent to a slack vagina or say, a decline in sexual pleasure.

But thankfully, as we can train and retain our muscles through exercises, likewise, we can prevent the weakening of pelvic muscles through exercises.

However, if the damage has been done, that is, your vagina has lost its elasticity by now, you can still work on to restore its health and youthfulness.

In addition to exercise, eating healthy is equally important.

5. Menopause:

Menopause accompanies with a set of distressing symptoms that have a toll on your psychological and physiological health.

One of these symptoms is poor production of estrogen that further promotes a plethora of problems for women in particular- that are in dire need of a hormone like this.

Importantly, poor estrogen is also related to the slacking, weakening and drying of vagina walls.

6. Hormonal imbalance:

Aging generally results in impairing the balance of essential hormones in a woman’s body, like DHEA, Omega3 and 6, estrogen and so.

This impairing occurs as the body’s ability to generate hormones gets affected due to the normal aging process.

All these deprivation causes the pelvic floor muscles to relax and stretch.

These were some genuine causes and myths pertaining to the loosening of vagina.

You now probably know what has loosened you up down there!


There are several factors that hint towards the weakening or stretching out of vaginal walls.

For example, if you manage to slide in two fingers into your vagina effortlessly and easily, something isn’t ‘tight’!

Another important way to determine is to observe whether or not sex is fun for you.

You know how sex feels right?

You know how you reach your orgasms? But if, sex is not as fun as it used to be, or your partner is directly or indirectly resisting from sex, then it’s probably a red flag for you!

Thirdly and very importantly, if you find yourself looking for some big objects to masturbate, chances are that your vaginal walls are not as narrow as you probably think they are.


There are some simple, handy and inexpensive routes to a healthy and taut vagina if your preference is not surgery.

Here are some of them:


Kegel has the potential to can save you from medical procedures, truly!

How to Use Kegel Balls

These exercises are simple and quite result bearing- though, consistency and accuracy are a must.

Call it Kegel or pelvic floor exercises, these moves have a strong and long lasting impact on your genital health, on top of its vaginal strengthening and compressing effects.

The practice of following Kegel is old, and quite a common one.

It is a tried and tested way to attain results that are certain through procedures like vaginoplasty.

In the beginning, Kegel may sound a bit confusing to you but the moment you learn to perform it accurately, you would not mind following it 5-6 times a day.

All it takes is locating the right spot to target to.

To perform simply:

  • Lie down straight on your back and shift your focus on your PC muscles that hold up your organs like vagina, uterus and bladder.
  • Compress the muscle as if you are stopping the urine from flowing.
  • Hold it for 5 seconds before relaxing.
  • Follow the move 10 times, for 5-6 times a day.
  • As you become familiar with Kegel, try to increase the compression time, as well as the frequency of reps.

The effects of Kegel are not limited to the strengthening of pelvic floor muscles, but are wider enough to the organs they support.

Basically, you will find them a great practice for your pelvic organs, in case they are weak or in poor health.


You may not be unfamiliar with this inclusive fitness staple, but you might be unaware with its amazing effects for a roomy vagina.

But to reap the most out of squats, followers have to be regular and precise while carrying out the movements.

Here are the steps to ensure you are doing squats the right way needed:

  • Position yourself standing upright, while keeping your feet parallel and your spine neutral. Stretch out your hands to the opposite direction.
  • Now with a slow, but steady move, bend yourself down to make a sitting posture.
  • While reaching at your lowest level, pull yourself up to the original position.

Next we have is vaginal cone- another proven and natural technique to compress your vagina.

Vaginal Cones
Cones for Vagina

Let me tell you, a vaginal cone looks like a sanitary tampon, but is quite different.

It has weights that are meant to dangle while you place in the thin part gets into your vagina.

The mechanism of this practice too, is a bit challenging.

It involves gripping of weight through the vaginal muscles and later, adding on more weight to further challenge yourself.

This gripping has to be done for some minutes, for 2-3 times daily.


You can also resort to this move if you intend to ‘tighten up’ yourself.

Then again, you have to be accurate while training your pelvic muscles.

To perform this move, simply stretch-out flat on the floor. In a slow motion, pull your legs to the upwards, one at a time.

One thing you need to keep in mind while performing leg ups is that you have to keep your leg completely stretched while you lift or lower it.

Only by this, you will be able to perform it in the right manner.

Invest 15 minutes for 2-3 times daily – to enjoy some satisfying results in months.


This specific practice is highly recommended for women who are failing to get advantage from kegel alone.  

The combo, let me tell you, is quite deadly when it comes to the strengthening, toning and firming up of genital muscles.

It involves placing of balls into the vagina, with different weights.

During the insertion, you have to make sure that the ball stays within and does not move out of the labia- sounds difficult?

Well, this is what the essence of this practice. Even though, it is a bit challenging, but quite helpful for sure.

Initially, you should use the eggs all alone, but as you move to a progressive stage, you should consider adding weights combined with the balls.

On a whole, a practice like this is highly favorable for the narrowing and better controlling of vaginal walls.


The method may be new to your ears, but is quite a tested one.

There comes a wand that is made to constrict and moisturize vagina at a speedy pace.

Apart from this, the wand further prevents odor and possible infections through disinfecting the muscles.

The practice is quite result-bearing and is supported by encouraging feedback.


There are many herbs like Oak Gall, curcuma comosa and Pueraria Mirifica which can support you with your mission.

Aloe vera for vagina
Aloe Vera Gel

But with natural herbs, the course is long and it requires a great deal of resilience to adhere to the application.

On top of these herbs, the application of aloe vera extract is also fruitful in restoring the moisture and tightness of vaginal muscles.

Then again, the course is simple but long!


At last, there are vagina tightening creams you can trust for a change.

These creams are instructed to be used inside the vagina or encompassing the vulva area.

V-Tight Gel
V Tight Gel

The cream I prefer my readers is V-tight gel, the very natural, genuine and high quality product that promises results for everyone who is up for a change.

It has pure ingredients like witch hazel leaf extract, Manjakani extract and arginine, all of which ensure effectiveness with no rash, pain, or any other problem.

In fact, V-tight gel is a side effect friendly cream that positively and speedily works for the health and firmness of vagina.

There are many other vag tightening creams, but none has the potential and ability to restore the tautness, as V-tight gel possesses!


Our duty to direct you in the right direction ends here.

My recommendations have certainty to take you to your destined journey without costing your health or wealth in any way- yet, the choice is yours!


To accelerate or further add to your result, mix up the usage of V-tight Gel with the instructed moves of kegel!

order V tight gel

Trust me; the results will blow your mind!

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