IsoSensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel Review and Results [2020]

Learn how IsoSensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Gel works to tighten vagina wall naturally!

Isosensuals is treated as one of the leading vaginal tightening gels due to its quality and demand.

It is a brilliant blend of natural ingredients targeting the loose vaginal walls that have lost their shape, tightness and suppleness for a number of reasons.

What are these reasons and how helpful a vaginal tightening gel like Isosensuals can be; let us help you learn by providing a comprehensive coverage on this very powerful gel available to women all across the world.

Let’s begin;


Women are naturally blessed with a tighter vagina, the walls of which are elastic enough to create the intensity of pleasure men seek and women need to achieve stronger orgasms.

But this strength of vaginal walls begins to get weaker and weaker in the following situations:

  1. When a woman ages
  2. Poor levels of estrogen
  3. Multiple vaginal deliveries


Isosensuals Tight Gel is an extraordinary quick and effective solution for loose vaginal walls. It is a special recipe formulated to erase the damage caused by aging, poor estrogen and frequent deliveries done to your vagina.

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The Isosensuals vagina tightening gel is composed of organic ingredients, the purity of which is promised by the manufacturers.

It demands a direct contact with the vaginal walls indicating that the topical ointment works from the outside so that results can be rushed within minutes.

Now the reasons why Isosensuals Tight Gel is commonly sought are its power to create the necessary changes in the vaginal walls.

The changes it produces are:

  • Reshape them
  • Tighten them up
  • Add elasticity

Essentially, the company that produces Isosensuals Tight Gel also produces a similar product in the form of pills.

While the gel and pills turn most advantageous when used in combination, the only difference that set them apart is the gel delivering temporary results almost instantly and pills delivering permanent results in a matter of months.

So- the choice is yours!


tighten loose vagina naturally

Some promising qualities coupled with the use of Isosensuals Tight Gel are:

  1. It is a completely natural gel based on exemplary and unparallel quality
  2. It is a quick relief for women with loose vaginal walls as it takes minutes to set vaginal problems
  3. With the power of Manjakani, With hazel and Aloe Vera, the gel brings back vaginal elasticity for intense orgasmic pleasure
  4. It also helps with irritation and itchiness caused by dryness
  5. Isosensuals Tight Gel is skin friendly to every skin
  6. It has scored 4.3/5 stars on Amazon
  7. The gel has a simple application and no side effects
  8. The special design of Isosensuals Tight Gel prevents wastage, making it usable for a longer period of time


Repairing the loss that has been done to the vagina is perhaps, the most difficult thing women get to deal in. From exercises to surgeries, they resort to all possible techniques they feel and find within their means.

However, Isosensuals Tight Gel is an approach that is way faster than the results of exercises, which costs them a fraction of money needed for the procedures like Vaginoplasty.

 The promised benefits of Isosensuals Tight Gel are:

  • Strengthening of vaginal walls:

Strength leads you to breathtaking pleasure and your walls need to have that power!

  • Restoring elasticity:

No matter what has affected the suppleness and tightness of your genitalia, Isosensuals Tight Gel returns it back!

  • Reshaping walls:

The walls need to be in perfect shape to allow you the level of satisfaction associated with quality sex.

  • Increasing orgasmic power:

Elasticity and strength heightens up orgasmic power and that is something guaranteed to you and your partner.

  • Moisturizing the skin and preventing dryness:

Poor lubrication causes irritation and itchiness during sex. The gel moisturizes the skin and hence prevents painful sex.

  • Getting rid of vaginal odor:

Vaginal odor is common and led by several factors. This gel is great in preventing it.


As we have previously mentioned, Isosensuals Tight Gel is an amalgamation of organic ingredients that are pure and of supreme quality for direct touch with vaginal walls.

Isosensuals Vaginal Tightening Gel ingredients and dosage

Ingredients that create this potent blend are:

1) Manjakani Extract

The powerhouse of Isosensuals Tight Gel is Manjakani Extract, the galls that are thoroughly proven for reinstating the lost health, firmness, elasticity or say, the overall magic of vagina.

Manjakani happens to be an astringent that helps with the loose vaginal muscles and possesses antibacterial qualities that are needed for hygiene and freshness.

2) Witch Hazel

The botanical astringent eases itching and prevents irritants and bacteria that can cause infections. It is also believed that the plant extract rejuvenates the lady part and firms vaginal muscles. [1]

3) Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a common part of vagina tightening products as it soothes the skin and keeps irritation at bay.

4) Vegetable Glycerin

This liquid is extracted from vegetable fats and added to resilient the vaginal skin. It further prevents dryness and discomfort by moisturizing the skin. [2]

Other ingredients that are also incorporated in the blend of Isosensuals Tight Gel are Squalance, Cellulose, Potassium gum and Deionized water.


We have already discussed about the presence of astringents part of its recipe. So what are these astringents and how do these help with the tightening effects you seek?

Basically, these tend to be the natural chemicals that contract and tighten tissues that need some constriction like the tissues of vaginal muscles.

Besides, ingredients holding antibacterial qualities further put a stop to vaginal dryness and odor that is a major turn-off for men during sex.

 Interestingly, Isosensuals Tight Gel kicks in right away and its changes stay for hours.

However, if you want these changes to be permanent, continue the practice of using the gel for six straight months.


Isosensuals Tight Gel has benefitted many women whose sex lives were not as rocking as it is suppose to be and the good part is that, that these women believe that the changes they desired were generated through a very easy procedure that involves no pain, discomfort or whatsoever associated with other tightening options.

Coming onto its application, the practice involving the use of Isosensuals Tight Gel can be followed regularly or when you are up for an encounter, just as you please.

In case you are regular, longevity of results are guaranteed, if not, you can make your upcoming intimacy more and more spicier.

So this is how Isosensuals Tight Gel is advised to be used:

  1. Clean your fingers before application. It’s better to wash them and wait until these are completely dry
  2. Squeeze some gel like substance on your fingers and slightly placed them inside your vagina
  3. Now in a very slow motion, rub and massage the ointment on the vaginal walls you can feel and touch inside
  4. Place your fingers out and give it some 15 minutes to set
  5. You are now ready to ‘rock and roll’ with a vagina that feels young at this point


In general, similar ointments irritates the skin and lead to dryness however, the case with Isosensuals Tight Gel is completely different.

It is a complete organic product based on 100% natural ingredients that pose no danger for the hypersensitive tissues of vaginal muscles. 

As a matter of fact, it has been carefully formulated keeping the vulnerability of the female genitalia in mind with the antibacterial powers of manjakani to sanitize and disinfect this muscular canal while working for its elasticity and firmness.


The pros and cons of Isosensuals Tight Gel are:


  • It is one of the most effective and fastest way to rejuvenate vagina
  • It is a simple procedure involving no major expense, side effect or painful application
  • It is a quality ointment suitable for young and aged and loosening caused by any reason
  • Since it contains all-natural ingredients, it causes no harm or discomfort to the skin inside out
  • It is a great tool that keeps vagina tight, clean and free from odor


  • The effects are brief and fade within hours. You need to be regular for at least 6 months before you can expect the change to stay
  • Application inside the vagina may be a bit troubling for some. As a matter of fact, some may have a preference for tightening via pills instead of gel
  • The intensity of vagina tightening effects varies from woman to woman. Some may get brilliant results, others may enjoy moderate ones, few may not respond to Manjakani extract at all


So this is Isosensuals Tight Gel for you- an agent you can trust to make your sex life full of passion, action and enthusiasm with the best possible climax you can think for yourself.

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Besides, if you are more towards effects that stay and do not fade in hours, we recommend blending the use of gel with pills produced by this very company. 

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