Loose Vagina Vs Tight Vagina – Which One is Better?

There is an ideal stage where women become conscious of their vagina looseness and tightness.

In both stages, females complain about either their vagina being too tight and too much loose.

Let’s take a look at both perspectives and find out which one is better, Loose or Tight?

We all know about the myth where virgin females are extremely tight and a loose vagina means she has done it many times.

Frequent sexual intercourse indeed tends to make women vagina lose plus other related causes are involved which can be reversed back with some tips and tricks.

Loose vagina vs tight vagina, women who are in the midst of 40s must have so many complaints about how their sex life used to be before they have multiple childbirths.

The spotlight is on the vaginal tightness first, the one thing all men dream about.

Vaginal Tightness

To know about the tightness of a vagina, the vaginal walls are comprised of folded muscle tissues that are very elastic.

Having sex frequently could have a major effect on vaginal tightness but it snaps back to its pre-stretched state when provided some time and care.

Some factors like childbirth or sexual arousals tend to stretch the vaginal muscles which makes it even tighter.

Anxiety is the common aspect that can be seen in young girls, this clenches their muscles even tighter.

Sometimes they have a problem in putting the tampons in, this is something women should know about their vaginal anatomy.

These muscles were already tighter and anxiety-like nature makes it so tight that it’s not a good sign.

Now, at the time of sexual arousals in which the blood supply is properly restored, these muscles relax at some point.

Nature has its way to ease the process of reproduction which is why a tighter vagina prevents you from having sex.

This is simple, women on sexual arousals find their vagina opened and so the insertion of the erect penis could be facilitated.

A tight vagina opens up for sexual intercourse doesn’t mean it’s a loose one.

The big open cavity-like generation is produced upon childbirth, hormonal changes, and sexual intercourse which opens the interior of the vagina enough for two fingers insertion.

Too much tight vagina during sexual intercourse means the woman is either not interested or you haven’t done the foreplay right my friend! The foreplay is the main process that allows the vaginal musculature to relax enough for easy insertion.

It’s a sign of a primitive class man who enforces their will on women and attempts intercourse even before their vaginal muscles have relaxed or well lubricated.

You must stay away from such men though, women need at least 30 minutes for sexual arousals where the ideal attempts would be touching, kissing, hugging, squeezing gently or mutual hand job does the best trick. 

A tighter vagina doesn’t mean the sex will be easy, although it will be wonderful as she allows you to get in.

But as a man, you need to learn a lot about how to make women soaking wet in bed without pain.

This is the common solution to the vaginal tightness that is an extended version of foreplay, you can use external lubricant in that if you want.

Benefits of Having a Tight Vagina

To your relationship, a tight vagina means improved sex life. Having a tight vagina allow women to achieve an ultra-grade level of satisfaction where they provide the grip to the erect penis which is the main thing for pleasure.

As men insert, he will find women reaching multiple orgasms as he is hitting the different pleasure spots. A loose vagina will only have 10% of these perks.

Another benefit of having a tight vagina to your relation is happiness and joy in your life.

We struggle for so many things in our lives and the goal is to achieve peace and joy in whatever we do.

In the case of having an improved sex life, both men and women tend to work on a satisfactory level in every aspect of life, said to a study done in the New York population.

Loose Vagina

Remember that sexual intercourse can never do a permanent stretch to the vagina which is why the vaginal muscle naturally contracts afterward.

This process is inevitable regardless of how many times women have sex. But in childbirth, the vagina stretches to a great extent which opens all the way like an accordion.

Normally, teenage girls or young women re-tightens following post-partum. Within six months, a normal woman with a tight vagina gets her old vaginal shape.

Now, there are those women who stretched to a great deal over time, and their vaginal muscles won’t snap back completely.

This can happen to both young and aged women after multiple childbirth or any sort of accident that they don’t want to share.

Vaginal muscle fatigue is the common term used for the scenario where these muscles do not contract back. This may lead to complaints of having a loose vagina.

In the modern era, some women deliver their child until after 30 while some have childbirth after their 40’s.

From a medical point of view, the older childbearing effects with the combined aging process have a vivid effect on vaginal looseness.

This is why women after their 30’s complain about loose vagina after giving birth to only one child.

There is a whole explanation for that, after the childbirth female body goes through multiple hormonal changes.

Some of those changes are also involved with loose vaginal that can be alleviated by the following tips and tricks.

How to Make Your Vaginal Muscles Stronger?

It is true pelvic exercises are the main source for strengthening the vaginal muscles.

To get your vagina tight, always focus on your core which will support your bladder, rectum, and uterus.

In females, when the pelvic floor muscles are weakened from childbirth or age, they may feel the constant need to pee.

Some will have pain in their pelvic region while others experience pain during sexual intercourse.

You can get your urinary incontinence treated by pelvic floor exercise but some external supplementation is considered beneficial to treat a loose vagina. Vaginal tightening gels play an important part in those needs.

Here are some tips and tricks to empower the pelvic floor muscles.
Kegel Exercises

Women who do kegel exercises first needed to identify their pelvic floor muscles. The exercise comprises stopping the pee in midstream and that’s how you find those muscles.

Kegel exercise for strengthening pelvic floor muscles is done in these 3 steps.

  • You can lie down or stand up, whatever suits your exercise.
  • Hold the pelvic floor muscles to tighten it up, hold it for 2 seconds, and then relax for another 5 seconds.
  • This process must be repeated at least 5 times continuously.

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Natural Supplements for Loose Vagina

There are several natural supplements to restore the elasticity of vaginal muscles. One of the best remarkable products in this line is V-Tight Gel which has a maximum number of female reviews.

V-Tight Gel is a natural gel formulation applied before having sexual intercourse.

The soothing sensation and tightening effect makes it easier for women to have the best sex of their life.

But the medical use of V-Tight Gel is recommended by many doctors to prevent vaginal loosening.

You can buy V-Tight Gel at almost every US health store, but the best place to buy is the official page.

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Summary- Which One is Better? Loose Vagina Vs Tight Vagina

Whatever fits your need, a tight vagina is demanded by the majority of men because it’s what makes them die for you.

Women on the other hand, also conscious about their vaginal health which is why they prefer a tight vagina.

A loose vagina is a sign of the aging process and it turns out you don’t find a unique kind of pleasure from it.

There is a whole reason why supplements like V-Tight Gel are selling in high number, as more women are getting conscious about their vaginal health more of these products are being made every day.

It is always recommended to perform kegel exercise because nothing beats the old-fashioned vaginal tightening exercise which promotes the lubrication, intensifies the level of pleasure, and gets your man a fresh and ripped fruit of heaven!