Loose Vagina – How to Tighten Your Loose Vagina?

Loose Vagina – To get back the vagina shape the two most implemented things are kegel’s exercise and V Tight Gel to Make Vagina Tight again.

A loose vagina is a very common complain of females in their over 30’s.

In general during sex when women are fully aroused their vaginal walls become stretchy and lubricated which allows an easy penetration and let both the partners to enjoy intimacy at fullest.

The causes for unpleasant sex can be many others, but none can deny the loose vagina as one of the cause.

The finding of right reason for distasteful sex is a lot important and sometimes difficult because many couples don’t like to admit and talk about these issues.

The judgment criteria for a loose vagina are; if you are feeling a need for bigger objects for penetration and arousal, it might be that elasticity of your vaginal walls is lost.

Loose vagina in reality is wrinkled and old walls of vagina which can’t hold its shape.

The age is the biggest factor because as we age the repair mechanism gets weakened by every passing day which also influences the vaginal muscles.

Just as our face and other parts of body age, vagina gets the same fate.

As for younger body and appearance people starts different exercises and eating habits, same can cure loose vagina too.

Sex and child birth are the one which gets blamed which isn’t right not even logically because in action you feels vagina opening getting bigger but in reality the underlying truth is a bit different.

How do you know if your Vagina is Loose

If you are not comfortable to contact a gynecologist or to talk with your partner about your experience with sex and you think the reason is loose vagina you can examine yourself at home for this.

Follow the following step:

  • Wash your genitals and let dry.
  • Wash your hands and let dry.
  • Try to enter your fingers one by one in your vagina.

If you have entered 3 fingers at a time without any resistance this indicates that you have a loose vagina.

Letting your genitals and hands dry naturally is essential for your health as water may carry some germs inside you vagina if your hands or genitals are wet or pat dry with a cloth.

  • Tap water is not secure whereas, cloth for pat dry can easily get germs from air.
  • To minimize the infection possibilities make sure you follow the first two steps.

Why is my Vagina Loose?

Many people have this thought that after sex vagina becomes loose and its walls are no longer in same size which is a wrong concept, the things which changes vagina’s shape is the absence of estrogen hormone  in circulation, old age and less use of vaginal muscles after a certain age.

inside vagina

Many myths are tagged with sex that the more sex you had the more your vagina gets loose which is totally false.

Having sex doesn’t make vagina lose its muscle power. Because, during sex the blood flow to pelvic region is at fullest which helps in muscle re-growth, better functioning and rejuvenation.

After sex the vagina walls return back to their previous shape.

The bleeding during first sex encounters is not the result of tighter vaginal walls getting break instead it’s because of low stimulation and greater hesitations in females, which results in less arousal and lubrication eventually end up in bleeding.

Whereas, child birth’s effects on vaginal walls is also reversible naturally But, in case of late pregnancies it might be irreversible naturally and need some more efforts to overcome pregnancy changes.

Reasons of Loose Vagina

In young mothers vagina regains its shape after child birth and complains of loose vagina in young women are also lesser.

The whole sole reasons of loose vagina are mainly two:

  • Low secretion of hormones.
  • Age factor.

1. Hormonal

During your young age the vaginal walls bathe in hormone called estrogen.

In females estrogen is responsible for breast development, fertility, libido in females, and even the glow of youth on face is given by estrogen.

Certain factor can disturb hormonal flow like after pregnancy you might feel your vagina in a saggy shape but ones after your cycle regulates, the shape is regained.

2. Age

Age contributes in vaginal loosening also as women aged their vaginal muscles repair system also becomes compromised and muscles become loose day by day.

In late 30s and 40s sex rate in couples also becomes less which might also result in vaginal muscle weakness as sex helps in vaginal muscle movement and keep them hydrated and young.

It means having sex don’t make your vagina loose it makes it muscles more strong and renew them.

How to Tighten Loose Vagina

In this era people are working for living better and livelier regardless of their age.

v tight gel reviews

The good sex in 40s is also a dream of many and people are putting effort for it, so can you.

To get back the vagina shape the two most implemented things are kegel’s exercise and V Tight Gel.

The results of these two combine are real deal and women around the world believe on these for help.

Kegel’s exercise is for vaginal muscles purely.

A set of weight balls is needed each ball have different weight in ascending order, you are needed to start with the lowest weight put it in your vagina and hold it for a few seconds increase duration on daily basis and after a week increase the weight.

For better guidance contact a professional as knowledge given here is internet based.

There are also other exercises then kegel’s as many women have issues in inserting foreign objects in vagina. But, nothing to worry there are aerobics, yoga and many others which restores vaginal muscles.

A simple guide is exercise which reshapes your body sagginess will also reshape your vagina.

V-Tight Gel

V Tight Gel is the other solution which combines with kegel’s exercise give long lasting results.

This gel is works faster and you have to apply it before having sex after few minutes you can experience the sex at fullest.

V Tight Gel is there to help you overcome all the issues in sex at an instant.

This gel is best for ladies who want to have sex at fullest but are not really in exercise stuff.

V Tight Gel makes you feel young and rejuvenated as well as contract and reshape the vaginal walls.

This gel also makes your vaginal muscles feel alive and hydrated for better results.

The magic ingredient in this gel is manjakani extract which is used by eastern women from centuries to cure them.


The loose vagina and its impacts on sex life are real and have vast effect even the confidence of females in intimacy is shattered as they can feel something isn’t right and that problem is in them, not in their partner.

Secondly sex and child birth usually don’t really have any influence on your vagina it makes it flusher with blood and nutrients which increase its suppleness and youth.

We all know the after sex glow, sex also rejuvenates the vaginal muscles.

The solutions for loose vaginal walls are here and work as well kegel’s exercise and V Tight Gel is a deadly combo to treat your vagina and to come out of sagginess.

The testimonials on official site of V Tight Gel are indicator of its working.

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