Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills, Cream and Drops Review

The company introduced some exclusive butt enhancement products that are extremely helpful in adding size, shape and beauty to your bums in the form of pills, cream and drop.

How often do we get attracted to big booty? Yes- always.

Big, round and finely sculpted bums always manage to steal our attention – and not necessarily for good reasons!

After all, that’s a major turn on for men and something they secretly crave in their girl.

But sadly, beautiful curves are not guaranteed to all the girls growing up.

And majority of women accept how their body is without really knowing that they can do a lot to change it- specially their lower parts.

Where there are exercises and procedures for beautifying and enlarging butts, there are simple products that take less time than exercises and a fraction of the cost spend on these procedures.

But are all these butt enhancing products effective?

No- we do not vouch for all unless these products belong to a reliable company like Major Curves.


The US based Major Curves is a trustable brand that manufacturers and deals in female enhancement products that score high in quality and effectiveness.

Major Curves Butt Enhancers

The company introduced some exclusive butt enhancement products that are extremely helpful in adding size, shape and beauty to your bums in the form of pills, cream and drop.

What are these products and how far they can take you with that hourglass figure you want; let us learn by having a quick review on each:


Butt enhancement pill is a natural procedure suitable for women who believe that the tuning should be done from the inside.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement pills

The dietary supplement largely works to perk up flat and tiny butt through ingredients that are 100% organic and proven to amass healthy levels of fats in the bottom area like buttocks and thighs.

The pills simply enhance the beauty of your physique by adding appeal right where you need.

However, the use and benefits of this butt enlargement pill are not confined to women in need of feminine appeal.

Men can also use this product for shapely butts and achieve the same level of effects needed for an ideal build.

Besides, with its ‘Time Release Technology’ that is only possessed by this pill currently, your body get to avail the uninterrupted benefits of its active ingredients- round the clock.

Well- this, and its pleasing benefits do give it an edge over other butt enhancements serving the same purpose.

What are its benefits?

The benefits of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills are:

  1. It reshapes the nether area like hips and thighs
  2. It increases size of your booty by 31%
  3. It makes it look more curvy and appealing
  4. It uplifts and beautify it

How does it work?

The effects associated with the use of this butt enhancement pill generate when its ingredients begin to tune your body. This tuning involves supporting it to save healthy levels of fat in the lower area.

Essentially, the ingredients in Major Curves butt enhancement pills hold the powers to uplift your estrogen level.

sexy butt enhancement pills

If you have no clue about what estrogen does, it happens to be a hormone that facilitates the body in ‘adjusting’ more and more fat in the buttock area. With that, you can easily get those sexy curves you are hoping for.

 What are its ingredients?

Its proprietary recipe includes the powers of ingredients medically proven for elevating your estrogen levels or imitating the effects of estrogen.

If you observe, the quantity of these are double the amount of quantity part of other enhancements:

  1. Fenugreek Seed
  2. Dong Quai
  3. Fennel Seed
  4. Mother’s Wort
  5. Wild Yam

Other ingredients in Major Curves butt enhancement pills are:

  1. Saw Palmetto Berries
  2. Blessed Thistle
  3. Kelp
  4. L-Tyrosine

Together with these nine ingredients, the product gives your body the push it needs to become more and more desirable!

What is the dosage?

Purchasing one month package will bring 60 pills to you where you are advised to take 2 pills every day.

Interestingly, every pill is based on 1036mg making 2072 mg every day.

However, you are advised not to take the entire dose at once, but one pill in the morning and one at night for best results.

What are the side effects?

You do not get to face any side effect from an extreme quality, natural product like this.

It has no stimulant, artificial agent or anything beside that can cause you or your health any possible trouble. However, the same is not promised when the dosage is self-adjusted.

What are its Pros and Cons?

The pros of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills are:

  1. The ‘time release’ pills are completely organic
  2. It is an affordable butt enhancement
  3. It is manufactured in USA and is high in quality
  4. There is 100% money back guarantee
  5. It comes in discreet shipping

The cons of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills are:

  1. Following the dosage is mandatory, skipping any can push you far from the effects being promised
  2. So far, the response of the pills is mixed
  3. The intensity of effects vary from person to person
  4. There is a need for official investigations


Major Curves Butt Enhancement cream is the topical solution for unattractive and flat bums.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement cream

Or if we put this way that it is an ointment that supports the overall transformation of your lower area like buttocks and thighs, it wouldn’t be any wrong.

Similar to all the female enhancement products manufactured by Major Curves, the recipe of this butt enhancement cream is also based on natural ingredients that denote how useful it can be for you, without any harm.

Plus, it follows the same mechanism that revolves around stocking up an abundance of fat encompassing the hips area for a noticeably enhanced and plumper appearance.

On an average, the cream kicks in two months however if the application exceeds to six months or so, nothing will reverse the effects you will then achieve.

Essentially, it is said that you can add more pace and quality to the results by using butt enhancement drops produced by the very company, alongside. If not, the cream itself will create the expected wonders for you in months.

What are its benefits?

The benefits of Major Curves butt enhancement cream are:

  1. It makes your booty look fuller and more noticeable
  2. It uplifts your bums and gives it a perfect curve
  3. It increase measurements of your thighs and buttocks
  4. It gives your hips a plumper look

How does it work?

The moment you apply this cream on the areas you target, the active ingredients go deep inside the skin and encourage the proliferation and increase in adipose tissues.

When a course like this occurs, the accumulation of fat is witnessed to be boosted.

sexy curve butt enhancement creams

However, these ‘bumping’ effects do not fade with time. As the cream generates a healthy amount of fatty tissues while widening the existing fat cells to hoard more fats, the results last and benefit you throughout your life.

What are its ingredients?

Major Curves has never come across as a suspicious company owing to the clarity on ingredients it provides every time and we believe that is where its brilliance lies.

Likewise, we’ve got the list of ingredients used in Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream as well.

Few of these are:

  1. Maca Root Extract
  2. Aloe Vera Barbadensis Leaf Juice
  3. Wild Yam Root
  4. Pueraria Mirifica
  5. Caprylic Capric Triglycerides
  6. Commipheroline
  7. Camelia Sinensis
  8. Green tea

How to use it?

Using this butt enhancement cream is simple and hardly a minute longer.

Just squeeze 3 pumps of it on your hand and apply on one particular side of the bum and 3 on the other.

Throughout the practice, use circular motion until the ointment is completely absorbed.

 For achieving best results, use it for twice every day until the period stretches to 6 straight months.

Besides, we have also mentioned how you can enhance and speed up its effects by using the drops serving the very same purpose along.

What are its side effects?

The cream is specially manufactured keeping all the skin types, especially people with sensitive skin in mind and thereby, you do not come across any ingredient that can cause irritation or discomfort to you.

Even if you stretch the use of Major Curves Butt enhancement cream to six months, safety is guaranteed to you.

What are its Pros and Cons?

The pros of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream are:

  1. It is an easy, non-surgical, budget friendly way to enhance butts
  2. The quality of this butt enhancement cream is commendable
  3. It offers a permanent solution for unsightly buttocks
  4. It has no side effects and is totally a natural course
  5. There is money back guarantee paired with its purchase

The cons of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream are:

  1. The ingredients may not work for all
  2. More solid and quality research on the solution is still awaited
  3. Skipping application may lead to inferior results overall


Then steps the equally powerful and the equally fast butt enhancement liquid extract drops for anyone in need of sex appeal.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement liquid drops

The liquid dietary supplement is specially aimed to promote additional fat storage in the buttock area and result in additional inches, fullness and curvy appearance sought by you.

Similar to the pills and cream produced by Major Curves, the drops also consists of natural ingredients that promote safe size enhancement of the butt and thighs however, unlike the topical application required by the cream, these are designed to be taken orally through any liquid you like to take.

Major Curves butt enhancement drops utilize the powers of Maca Extract, Fenugreek Seed and Wild Yam Extract.

The effects generated by these natural ingredients are not only fast but reliable enough to stay throughout your life.

While the drops are organic and found to be 100% nontoxic, these are strictly discouraged to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

What are its benefits?

The benefits of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Drops are:

  1. It grows the size of your butts by 31%
  2. It reshapes and rebuild their structure
  3. It gives it a plumper and fuller appearance
  4. It helps you gain weight in the thighs

How does it work?

The liquid drops are based on the powers of Maca that is one proven agent know for enlarging and enhancing your buttocks.

If you delve into the science of Maca, you will understand that the plant not only balance the hormones essential for the enhancement process like estrogen, but support the construction of glute muscles that make up your butts.

Sexy curve booty enhancement drops

Moving onto other ingredients we have Pueraria Mirifica that is the best source you can get and trust for your poor estrogen levels.

As we have mentioned earlier, estrogen supports fat storage in the lower area and with the phytoestrogen derived from this highly valuable plant, we can reap the effects of estradiol that is the powerful estrogen steroid hormone deeply needed at this point in time.

What are its ingredients?

The ingredients in Major Curves Butt Enhancement drops are aimed to elevate the estrogen levels so that the needed work can be done in the targeted areas, that are the buttocks and the thighs.

For that, ingredients that come on board are:

  1. Fenugreek Extract (seed)
  2. Maca Extract (root)
  3. Blessed Thistle
  4. Aguaje
  5. Dong Quai Extract
  6. Wild Yam (root)
  7. Fennel Extract (seed)
  8. Saw Palmetto
  9. Watercress Extract

What is the dosage?

The full dropper is equivalent to 1 ml of the drops and the daily dose set by the makers is 2 ml every day.

Now this makes two drops of the formula that you can either take through some liquid like fresh juice, water or beverage or can directly ingest if that sounds comfortable to you. But in either of the cases, shake the bottle well ahead of its intake.

What are its side effects?

While there are no known side effects of these natural Major Curves Butt enhancement drops, fenugreek in the recipe may trigger allergy to those vulnerable to chickpea and peanut.

Besides, the drops may possibly interact with medications you may be taking to deal some health issues.

Thus, plan the possible adjustments with your doctor, once he or she allows you to use a product like this.

What are its pros and cons?

The Pros of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Drops are:

  1. It is a complete natural butt enhancement course based on organic agents
  2. It is prepared in an FDA approved setting
  3. The natural vanilla flavor makes it go well with your taste buds
  4. It kicks in as fast as 1-2 months
  5. The results are lasting and not short-term

The Cons of Major Curves Butt Enhancement Drops are:

  1. The claims need to be verified by proper clinical investigations
  2. It may trigger an allergic reaction to people who cannot tolerate chickpea and peanut
  3. It demands patience and do not work in days and weeks.


So these were the handful of butt enhancement products known to work.

We believe to deliver the best we can for you to make an informed decision now.

Achieve sexy booty by Major Curves Butt Enhancement products

Among the plethora of reasons why we prefer Major Curves and its products is that it is an authentic name running its business activities in US.

In addition to authenticity, all of its products are completely organic with most of them also helpful for men as much as for women.  

With Major Curves, you have the relief of moving at the right place and at the right product that will ultimately help and not screw things up!

So – happy shopping!

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