PK24 Cream Review – Tighten Your Vagina Overnight [2020]

PK24 begins to generate the tightening effects seconds after it is applied directly on the vaginal walls. Tighten your Vag overnight with PK24 tightening cream.

Vaginal laxity is a problem that may not be avoidable but is definitely reversible for women.

Especially when we come across extra ordinary solutions like PK24, we couldn’t help but acknowledge the advancement in medical science that has introduced us with solutions that are not just workable for every single woman facing challenges in bed, but painless and easy on pocket as well.

So what is PK24 and how can it help with this extremely distressing problem in females; let’s learn everything about this clinically tested female enhancement you may need for your lady part!

Let’s begin.

What is PK24?

PK24 is a vaginal tightening cream by a company that has been operating since 2004.


Essentially, the manufacturers are recognized for producing quality products that deals with concerns related to vaginal laxity through a course that is 100% natural, useful and safe for the users. 

Now what sets PK24 apart from other tightening products is its ability to generate effects that do not fade after 3 to 4 hours but stay for an impressive 24 hours.

Besides, its powers and quality has been clinically investigated by National Institute of Clinical Research in Los Angeles and approved by doctor which is a quality that raises the bar higher for other similar creams.   

In simple words, PK24:
  • Is a non-invasive method to  ‘Renew’ your vagina
  • Produces tightening effects that last round the clock (24 hours)
  • Only based on natural, FDA approved ingredients
  • Allows you to have a more passionate sexual encounter
  • Enhance stimulation, satisfaction and orgasmic strength
  • It enhances your confidence and self esteem
  • Is skin friendly and has mild cherry flavoring added as a flavor for oral sex
  • Made in US
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What are its effects?

When the vaginal muscles lose their strength and suppleness due to vaginal deliveries, muscular deconditioning or the most common reason, aging, the intensity of pleasure associated with penetrations start to decline.

This is because pleasure is created through friction and that demands strong and tighter muscles on the woman’s part.

PK24 is all about reconstructing the vaginal muscles and restoring the lost elasticity and power needed for that friction.

Once it’s done, you get to experience a boost in:

  • Sexual stimulation that supports healthy lubrication
  • Satisfaction that elevates your sexual esteem
  • Orgasmic intensity of you and your guy
What’s in the formula?

The formula of PK24 is all-natural and organic. Keeping its natural preservatives and flavors aside, the cream gets its powers from:

  1. Aloe Barbadensis: The leaf has calming effects on the muscles
  2. Glycerin: It serves as an emollient in the cream
  3. Alum potassium: It is a mineral that delivers astringent powers
  4. Sodium citrate: This is an antioxidant that serves as the infection fighters for your vagina

How PK24 Vag Tightening Cream works?

PK24 begins to generate the tightening effects seconds after it is applied directly on the vaginal walls.

PK24 Vaginal Tightening Cream

Yes, it’s fast absorbing nature literally takes seconds to penetrate deep inside the muscles and create the changes with the astringent qualities known to induce firming effects on the muscles.

Besides, the cream creates soothing and moisturizing effects while protecting your vagina from possible infections after sex.

Interestingly, as these effects stay for 24 hours max, it comes across as nothing but an opportunity to enjoy sessions after sessions, non-stop!

How to use?

Application of PK24 is as easy as understanding the mechanism through which it tightens you down there. To use the cream, simply clean your hands and squeeze a slight amount on your fingers.

Relax yourself including the nether part so that you are able to cover as much as wall possible within your range. Now gently slide your fingers inside and massage the walls in slow motions.

Once the cream is applied, take out your fingers and wash your hand. The cream will take 10 minutes to kick in, after which, you can head to that special one waiting for you!

Bear in mind that there isn’t a need to wash your vagina before sex. You can let it be even when your guy decides to give you a good head.

When to use?

There is no time restriction mentioned for the use of PK24 by its manufacturers. Women have the freedom to use it any time during the day or 10 minutes before there is some action planned.

how to use Vaginal tightening cream

Besides, make sure that the application can be done two times a day and not more than that.

That is, the limit for 24 hours is two applications preferably with a gap of 12 hours each, the effects of which will last for two straight days.

Even though, the cream has immediate tightening effects, some users believe that PK24 worked wonders for them when they applied it in the morning with the plan to get sexually active later some time during the day.

This further authenticates that the effects of PK24 last longer and get strengthened with time unlike other tightening products.

What are the side effects?

 The safety encompassing this ointment has been clinically tested and found to be up to the FDA standards.

Evidently, there are no harmful substances and chemicals that can cause irritation or other skin problems when applied.

Its safety can be further evaluated by the fact that women have been using PK24 for a long time now and have expressed 100% contentment over the relief it brings to them.

Is it safe for everyone?

PK24 is genuinely safe for every woman, regardless of the cause that made your vagina suffer.

However, keep in mind that the cream does have some warnings that need to be considered and known in advance.

For example pregnant women must consider PK24 after discussing the possible risks associated with the baby. Only when the doctor allows, she can go ahead and try this vaginal tightening cream.

Besides, it is important to know that the instructions are also same for the breastfeeding mothers.

How can I enhance its effects?

You can simply enhance its effects by trying kegel along.

Tighten loose vagina overnight with PK24 vag tightening cream

If you have no idea about kegel, search on the internet and follow the correct instructions to perform.

Kegel basically, are some selected exercises that pay a large emphasis on the pelvic muscles and thereby, results in strengthening them.

Thereby, it’s great to take kegel along especially when you are keen for permanent effects.

Besides, you can make some dietary changes by tossing more and more estrogen rich foods and fruits like strawberry, soy, flax seeds, nuts dry fruits and so.


The pros of PK24 are:

  1. The results are on spot and lasting enough for 24 hours
  2. It improves your urge for sex, your overall satisfaction and confidence in yourself
  3. It facilitates powerful contractions
  4. It makes your lady parts feel fresh, moisturized and new
  5.  It covers your imperfections quite smartly
  6. It is extremely reasonable and safe for extended use

The cons of PK24 are:

  1. The results are not permanent
  2. It is not shipped to some countries


The overall feedback of PK24 is remarkable with more and more women heading to it through word of mouth.

Of course, when something can help you this quick and without spending some $20,000 for procedures like vaginoplasty, that will always be treated special and thus PK24 is no exception!


Due to the demand of PK24, the revolutionary formula is imitated and sold all across the world.

However, if you wish to grab the patented one without any risk, we suggest you to order the cream from Amazon.

Vag Tightening Cream Amazon

Amazon is an authentic dealer that ensures you get what’s original for a price not determined by the demand, but the authentic company.

So- we wish you happy shopping!

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