Slip and Slide Vaginal Tightening Gel for Tighten Your Vagina

Learn detailed review on Slip & Slide Vaginal Tightening Gel – Tighten Your Vagina Without Exercise – 100% Natural – for Enhanced Intimacy!

Learn detailed review on Slip & Slide Vaginal Tightening Gel – Tighten Your Vagina Without Exercise – 100% Natural – for Enhanced Intimacy!

Women miss their early twenties for a number of reasons and one is for that tighter and younger coochie that would made any man crazy for her.

Sadly, time steals everything from everyone and you no longer get to enjoy that attention you get in your young age- but guess what?

You can do the necessary contract of your lady parts in no years, months or days, but minutes!

That’s right.

We bring you an exceptionally powerful vaginal tightening gel that is especially created from natural ingredients proven for their astringent powers.

What is this gel and how far can it take you with those tightening and compressing of vaginal walls, let us reveal!

What is Slip and Slide Vaginal Tightening Gel?

Slip and Slide Premium Tightening Gel is a unique formula that is nothing but a great support for women undergoing vaginal laxity.

The natural composition of Slip and Slide supports squeezing of the vaginal walls without causing any sort of reaction to your skin and muscles that get in touch with the solution.  

Slip & Slide - Tighten Your Vagina Without Exercise

It barely takes some minutes to restore your ‘virginity’ to a greater degree and thus frees you from the constant frustrations and commitment needed for kegel and other tightening practices.

The qualities of Slip and Slide are majorly derived from the vaginal tightening powers Manjakani.

If you take some time out and research about this plant and its properties, you will understand its significance for the female intimate organs.

Slip and Slide is highly suitable for every skin type and loosening caused by all possible reasons.

As it is natural and free from chemicals, it is guaranteed to cause no complications but satisfaction, the adverse of which makes you entitled for a 100% money return!

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Benefits of Slip and Slide Gel

The benefits of Slip and Slide are parallel to what having a young vagina is.

All Natural and Totally Effective Pelvic Floor Tightener - Enhanced Pleasure - Best for a Tighter Vagina

Right as you cover your vaginal muscles with a thin layer of this solution minutes before sex, you prepare yourself to witness the following changes:

1) Tight vagina

Slip and Slide largely focuses on firming up the loose vaginal membrane and muscles. It does that through the astringent powers produced from the tannins in Manjakani. Once the vagina is tightened, your ability to seek more pleasure multiplies

2) Increased suppleness

Muscle elasticity loses with time and a female vagina is based on pelvic muscles. Through the very powers of Mandakini and many other powerful ingredients in Slip and Slide, the gel manages to restore suppleness for him to get more satisfaction.

3) Healthy lubrication

Next in line is the complete prevention of vaginal dryness that often develops as a constant problem after menopause. The gel treats vaginal dryness through its subtle moisturizing agents and encourages lubrication for a better vaginal health and pleasure during sex

4) Good vaginal health

If your vagina is prone to infections even when you are careful about intimate hygiene, you must give Slip and Slide a try.

With its high anti-bacterial powers, the gel manages to eradicate all sorts of fungi and bacteria that can harm the vaginal health

5) No Odor

A good vagina is one that is free from vaginal odor but sometimes, that happens to be unavoidable. Just as the gel removes bacteria and fungus for the health of vagina, it removes odor for the freshness of genitalia

6) Extreme satisfaction

A narrow vagina creates a better friction by penis and that fuels passion. Where there is more and more passion, there is more satisfaction for both the participants

7) Added orgasmic pleasure

Your ability to achieve climax decreases with age or even when you get one, chances are that its power will be low enough to deliver that degree of fulfillment we all seek in orgasms.

When Slip and Slide works to strengthen your vaginal muscles, not only your ability to hit climax heightens through slipping and sliding, but the intensity of orgasms as well.

What are the Ingredients?

The gel stands strong on the astringent and antibacterial properties of Manjakani Extract that is a plant offering a wide range of benefits to the female reproductive organs.

Vaginal Tightening gel improves the elasticity of the vagina wall and helps you regain the feeling of lost tightness.

Derived from the galls of a genus of oak, Manjakani has been aiding women with a plethora of problems that may be dealing with the health and functioning of their genitals for some centuries in Asia.

Basically, it has:

  1. Tannins: Tannins are what strengthens and compresses your vagina as they can shrink the tissues and create that tightening effects immediately
  2. Mamita: Mamita is what that keeps a check on your lubrication so that the perfect balance can be created. Besides, the specific agent is also responsible for cleansing the muscles so that no bacteria or fungi can lead to those disturbing infections for you

How Slip and Slide Vagina Tightening Gel Works?

Basically, the purpose of creating Slip and Slide was to eliminate the need for long and challenging vagina tightening procedures like inserting those kegel balls and wands.

Plus, it was also intended to eliminate the need for those risky surgical procedures like vaginoplasty that costs thousands of bugs and make you go through some pain.

Slip and Slide is an effortless, quick, affordable and painless procedure to feel younger down there.

When the non oily substance is applied on the vaginal muscles, it is immediately absorbed for the tannins to contract the muscles and create those shrinking effects.

Once the muscles get tighter through this natural firming trick, you can feel that pleasure and electricity flowing through your body!

How to Use It?

The product comes in a very user-friendly flip-cap squeeze tube that allows you to use the gel without any wastage. Using it is also a very simple task.

Squeeze some drops of the slip and slide gel on your fingers and gently place these into the vagina. Rub and cover as much as the area for some seconds until you feel the gel is nicely applied.

tightening your vagina and strengthening vaginal walls

Wash your hands and let the gel work for 5-10 minutes inside. You are now clenched enough to contact your buddy and begin some action.

Is it Suitable for Oral SEX?

As much as it is suitable for vaginal sex, slip and slide is suitable for oral sex. Your guy can feel free to go down on you and give you a ‘head’ without you fearing vaginal odor and the state of your coochie.

As a matter of fact, it has a slight fragrance that has been produced through some natural agents that are meant to enhance the pleasure he is likely to get from oral activities.

So yes, you two can make the best use of Slip and Slide, the way you want.

What are the Side Effects?

The product is a doctor-recommended solution for women with vaginal laxity.

With that said, it is quite understood that slip and slide is very much side effects free for women who will trust it for their sensitive body part.

Besides, it is sulfate and paraben-free that further indicates the safety it brings to you.

The vaginal tightening gel can be safely use regularly or irregularly for some quick tightening needed before sex.


Slip and Slide is full of pros like:

  • It is a quality gel from US
  • It comes with 100% money back guarantee
  • It is paraben-free
  • It causes no rash, allergy or irritation
  • It is completely skin friendly and highly effective
  • It takes 5-10 minutes to compress vaginal walls
  • It is one of the most in demand tightening gels on Amazon
  • It is oral sex-safe indicating no risk for you and him

The cons of Slip and Slide are:

  • It has a preparation time that may steal spontaneity
  • It does not tighten your vagina permanently


Slip and Slide is the shortcut to rejuvenate your lady parts in some minutes.

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Even though, its effects diminish in some hours, yet, it gives you the instant support needed to feel young and demanded again!

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