How Can I Tighten My Vagina Naturally – 2 Major Tips and Tricks!

When it comes to private concerns, women in general choose to suffer in silence than stepping forward and getting their dilemmas addressed confidently. Call them shy or coy, they prefer keeping their troubles to themselves quite adamantly. Loosening of vagina, is a concern that is as common as erectile dysfunction in men. Despite being harmless […]

When it comes to private concerns, women in general choose to suffer in silence than stepping forward and getting their dilemmas addressed confidently.

Call them shy or coy, they prefer keeping their troubles to themselves quite adamantly.

Loosening of vagina, is a concern that is as common as erectile dysfunction in men.

Despite being harmless and trivial, it can turn the woman’s sexual life upside down.

Interestingly, it’s not just her that will be counted as a suffering party, she can also leave her partner unsatisfied and displeased in bed.

No wonder, most of us would boldly claim sex to be an insignificant element in a relationship, but deep down, each one of us would agree that it is of great worth.

I mean, sex is near to a basic human need and enduring a relation with poor sexual quality, is quite a challenge.

A loose vagina can end up causing least satisfaction for both the partners, which may further worsen the problems in a relationship.

Women, as said, often settle on in going with the flow, without realizing how spice less her life is with something that is impeding her satisfaction in bed.


Apart from the instinct to keep her things to herself, one of the women’s instincts is to look and feel the best from all the ones around.

how to make pussy tight
tight pussy

She wants her man to feel the same and hence, have that confidence in her.

But the major drawback one is likely to experience with a lose vagina is, shattered confidence.

Of course, when you are aware that your partner is faking that smile after sex, it will definitely hit you harder!

So, a situation like this would further add to insecurities of being cheated and losing your beloved some day.


We generally assume that having more and more sex can ultimately cause the vaginal muscles to loosen up.

While this may be a contributing element, it is important to note that excessive intimacy is not the actual cause for sure.

There are a plethora of factors that affect the elasticity of the pelvic muscles, or say, the firmness of vagina.

Few of these are:

We also assume that it is near to impossible to restore the allure, we were blessed with naturally.

Thankfully, the case with a loosen vagina is completely different.

There are methods, techniques and tactics that favorably work for a tighter vagina- the only need is to believe, be open for a change and discover the right routes!


Honestly, after reaching a wise age of forty and living a quite active sexual life, I started to notice some serious apprehensions dangling down on me.

how to make your vag tighter
how to tighten your vagina

Of course, I love my husband like any other good wife, and would love to keep him till my last breath, but, was too uncertain about my intimate performance.

So, unlike most of the wives, I decided to restore the youthfulness of my vagina- as he deserves a gift for being with me this long!

Yes, the process was patience testing (as I wanted to go the natural way) but never impossible.

So, I searched and searched and ended up with some methods that were apparently, the aids to succeed my mission.

Some as expected, turned out to be a major failure, while others gave me results I was anticipating.

So, here I am with the methods that really worked for me, or have the potentials to contribute to a tighter vagina.


Believe it or not, you are not the only one with a loose lady part.

There are countless like you.

Womanhood comes with a number of problems which you and I have to face inevitably.

Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty Procedures

Trust me, having a problem like this is completely natural and you just not need to worry or feel bad about it at all.

If you want, you can make a big change.

But before highlighting the helpful practices for firmer cervical walls, let us discuss about a common procedure- vaginoplasty.

Vaginoplasty, often regarded as the shortcut to a virgin-like pussy, is an efficient way to get your genital walls compressed.

There is no denying that the method can empower you to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest, but like any other surgery, it too, accompanies risks.

Nonetheless, it is pricey, which makes it an option practical for some and not all.

So, to help you learn the most feasible, convenient and budget-friendly ways to shrink your vagina, here are my top three choices for you!


Quite seldom you tend to come across anything that serves as a comprehensive solution for your problem and V-tight Gel is no different.

It is a product tested to address vaginal loosening and help with the strengthening of pelvic muscles to the core.

v tight gel reviews

The regular use of V-Tight Gel is guaranteed to take your pussy to its pre-stretched condition.

Even though, resorting to a vaginal tightening formula like V-tight gel is enough to experience the changes you long, but if you are anticipating something extra ordinary or say, exceptional results, I would suggest you to follow V-tight exercise program with the usage.

Interestingly, the reviews as well as my personal experience with V-tight gel have been amazing.

It actually has the ability to deliver what has been promised to us and that too, without making us wait for months and months.

I have even tried intercourse after moments of applications and trust my words, I could feel the difference even then.

Basically, it encloses some very useful and proven vaginal tightening agents like Manjakani extract, which has a dated history of helping women with similar concerns.

Other ingredients further add to the sensitivity of pelvic muscles, while keeping the vaginal dryness at bay.

In addition to speedy results, the manufacturers also promise lasting results.

This further confirms that V-Tight gel is the best bang for your bug and there is no sure alternate of it so far!

Thus, if you wish to mimic the effects of Vaginoplasty through a tried and tested natural product, look no further than V-Tight gel.


Apart from using a vaginal tightening gel, you can consider a plethora of practices that too, offer promising effects.

How to Use Kegel Balls
Kegel Exercises for Women

Few examples of these practices are jade eggs, ben wa balls, vaginal cones and so. But on top of all these mentioned techniques, kegel is the most common and promising of all.

Well, those who have been doing or have tried kegel can swear to its effectiveness, while others may be guessing what Kegel is all about and the role it has for a firmer pussy.

Basically, kegel are exercises that require no tools, no money or hard-and-fast efforts. These are quite simple, yet, result bearing practice that guarantee outcomes through consistency and time.

Kegel are highly advisable for women who wish to take charge of the problem on their own and allow no external aid in any form.

These have a long term effect on your pelvic muscles, as well as the organs connected to them.

But as said, kegel requires a great deal of time to show results which indicates that you need to be tolerant and regular throughout the course.

Another important thing worth mentioning about kegel is that you need to be accurate with the exercises.

That is, you need to perform them in the right way so that they can deliver the results they bear.

 To perform them in an accurate way, follow these few simple and easy steps:

  • The first step is to trace your pelvic muscle through stretching down straight on your back.
  • Now sense the muscles that run across the vulva and anus.
  • Squeeze them as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine.
  • Perform 6 sets of 25 reps.

Even though, the steps are quite effortless and easy to follow, but the most complicating part is to locate where exactly the pelvic muscle is.

This may take you time, but as soon as you get familiar with it, try to follow the entire procedure for minimum 6 times a day.

The most encouraging part of performing kegel is that it does not demand you to step out of your comfort zone or let people know about it.

You can also try squats with your sessions, as squats too, has a key impact on vaginal strengthening.

Is the effectiveness of kegel guaranteed?

People generally tend to be confused about the effectiveness of kegel.

They feel too discouraged to follow the exercise, as they are quite unsure about the outcomes.

But interestingly, kegel is similar to any other exercise we perform in the gym. It too holds results, as far as it is performed rightly and regularly.

Well, if you can’t wait long enough for the results, you can always count on V-Tight gel for instant results.


So the third most effective, after V-tight gel and Kegel is the usage of natural herbs.

pueraria mirifica for Vaginal Atrophy
Pueraria Mirifica for Vaginal Tightening

It is interesting to note that despite being highly effective, natural herbs may take time- or say, months-year in order to show up some results.

Thereby, if you wish to resort to method 3, make sure you have enough resilience.

So, we are naturally blessed with certain plants that hold the ability to reinstate the lost glory of the genitals.

These herbs hold great significance and thereby, are extensively used in a plethora of natural, vag tightening products.

So, what are these herbs and what role do they play in the tapering of vaginal walls, let’s find out:

  • Curcuma Comosa: This specific herb belongs to the ginger family. It contains benefits beyond our expectations and imagination- seriously. To count a few, Comosa can condense the pelvic walls and prevent them from prolapsing. Not just the pelvic walls, it also protects the prolapsing of uterine and bladder. Additional benefits of an herb like this are the preclusion of hot flashes, itching caused by dryness, and importantly, menstruation cramps.
  • Pueraria Mirifica: The plant supports the production of genital cells that adds to the strengthening of vaginal walls. Pueraria Mirifica too, is a common agent you will get to see as the active ingredient in many vaginal tightening products. The highly praised quality of the herb is that it has a major estrogen influence in our body. The plant can actually replicate estrogen and hence, produce results that are generated through a good level of estrogen in the body. This is why it is greatly regarded as an effective tool for breast enlargement.
  • Oak Gall: Then there is Oak Gall, another very potent and worth admiring herb in the category. Commonly known as Manjakani, the herb can have a great contribution in the smoothing, firming and keeping the moisture of vagina intact. Overall, it too possesses great benefits from the health perspective of your vagina.
  • Natural douches: Sadly, we just don’t thank the nature enough for offering an abundance of options we can consider for our rescue. In this case, we can also count on natural douches for the tightening and restoration of vulva elasticity. On top these, natural douches are highly recommended for the vaginal hygiene which most of us tend to overlook in general.


Of course, the quickest way to obtain a virgin-like vagina is going the vaginoplasty way, which of us, including me, could not afford.

Buy V Tight gel Online

And let’s not forget, the surgery is not at all, side effects friendly. It does come with a fixed set of aftermaths, which one has to face anyway.

But my preference over all the other two methods is the usage of V-tight gel (because I am not patient enough to wait too longer for results).

It is prompt, natural and free from potential risks.

It worked for me, but, I combined it with 1 month of regular kegel and V-Tight exercise program.

Nevertheless, I strongly recommend the other two to my readers that are fine with slow, but steady results.

One thing I would like to add as I move towards the end of my writing, having a good diet significantly counts as practicing or following any vaginal tightening tactic does.

For that purpose, women should eat more green and fruits that supply an abundance of vitamin C to their body!

And of course, do not fear speaking up and seeking remedies for anything that is affecting the quality of your life.

After all, it’s you who matters the most than any other thing in the world.

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