V-TIGHT GEL: benefits, side effects & how to buy it [review]

V-TIGHT GEL Review (2020) Does It Really Work or a Scam?

Women do not have to take care of their external beauty only. The inner beauty also matters a lot.

The external skin requires routine nourishment and care, so does the vagina too. It is the most delicate and sensitive part of a woman’s body. When women give birth or are involved in sexual activity, the vagina goes through vigorous action.

As a result of which, it becomes loose and the chances of smooth and pleasing sexual intercourse are reduced. But, women do not need to worry about their loose vagina which can dissatisfy their partner in the room.

Because, there exists a natural and safe solution to help you deal with the situation.

Well, the answer is not surgery or home remedies. But a tested and authentic easily applicable gel; V-Tight Gel.

Now, you might wonder, is V-Tight gel a scam? So, don’t stress your mind thinking about it, and start reading to find it out for yourself.

What Is V-Tight Gel?

The V-tight Gel is a natural vagina tightening gel which aims to restore the tightness of vagina.

Buy V-Gel Vaginal Tightening Gel

It is a formula of pure ingredients together. The medical research on the gel and its ingredients proves that the gel is safe to use, and it does actually fulfill its purpose of creation.

Therefore, the product does what it’s meant to do, and also, there are no V-Tight gel side effects. 

The gel tightens the vagina by reshaping the walls and bringing back lubrication to the sensitive part.

Consequently, the vaginal tightening gel makes the area supple so that women can enjoy the feeling of being rejuvenating and youthful.

Moreover, the product also helps women experience strong orgasms, which are passionate and keeps them and their partner satisfied during the sexual activity.

Therefore, the use of gel helps women to solve their sex life related issues while also making them feel confident as they enjoy intimate moments with their lover in bed. 

The V-Tight gel restores the elasticity of the vagina and tightens it with regular use time.

To say, the V-Tight gel improves a woman’s sex life, boosts self-confidence and daily life.

What Causes Loose Vagina?

Keeping the vagina tight and firm after going through pregnancy and childbirth is definitely a challenge.

As you age, and go through the process of giving birth, the vagina loses its tightness and becomes flabby. Well, there isn’t anything weird about this situation.

Every woman experiences this, once she is no more a twenty-year-old or has delivered babies.

causes of Loose vagina

Childbirth is not the only reason for looseness in vagina. Many doctors believe that there might be other reasons that lead to a flabby vagina. Such as.

1) Disturbance In Orgasm

When your partner loses erection, this is where dissatisfaction begins and it gets bigger when your man doesn’t want to go inside you without any aim.

What a man wants is that his penis hits the solid walls of vagina and after that the action highlights.

If any of you or both of you understand that there is no intensity in orgasm or any of you is not enjoying it that might mean that you have lost the firmness of your vagina and it is now loosened.

If things go the same ways and you don’t do anything to tighten up your vagina then this is where your relationship will face difficulties.

So, it is the hint and right time to have a check on your vagina, when your partner is no longer feeling organismic.

2) Infection Of Urinary Tract

Experiencing leakage of urine is a problem that a lot of women face and it is due to the reason of having a loose vagina.

This is because the vaginal muscles of a woman are weak, and causes a leakage of urine.

The release of urine in a woman’s body is controlled by the vaginal muscles and when these muscles become weak it causes leakage of urine.

Moreover, if you have undergone any pelvic surgery or the levels of estrogen are reduced after the condition of menopause. Then there are chances that the muscles of your vagina become really weak.

So if you have experienced any of it then it ultimately means that you are in a phase of dilemma and you are not capable of feeling anything inside you.

So, in order to get rid of these problems, immediately look for an option without any delay.

3) Finger Test

One of the easiest tests that you can do on your own is finger gripping. It is a test to know about the health of your vagina and to check whether your vagina has loosen up or not?

During this test you will get to know about the firmness and tightness of your vagina.

All you have to do is to begin by inserting your forefinger into that area and examine if you feel anything or not? If not then bring your forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and insert all of these three fingers together inside the vagina and check very well if you feel anything.

Even now if you don’t feel anything inside the vagina that ultimately means that your vagina has lost its firmness and become loose.

While doing this test keep in mind that all the fingers are clean and make sure that you insert them slowly without any hassle. It is the easiest technique and one of the simplest procedures.

4) No Interest In having Sexual Activity

No matter how much you love your partner emotionally but when your man doesn’t show interest in having sex it sounds weird.

This is because you have a loose vagina and a flabby vagina is not able to give pleasure to your partner and do not have the tendency to give sensations to your man.

This is the reason he seems disinterested.

When your man gets his penis inside you and the required amount of friction is not experienced which means he is not satisfied and is no longer interested in further sexual activities.

Every woman and even man wants to have a healthy and satisfactory sex life, but if you fail in this it means it is matter to pay attention as nothing gets worse than this.

6) Unable To Feel Small Objects

If you are trying to insert objects that are big to feel stimulations then this is for sure not a good option.

If you continue to do it on a daily basis then it will cause issues for a long time.

So, if you are unable to feel objects that are small getting inserted into your vagina then it is for sure an alarming situation. But to achieve tightness of your vagina, professionals emphasize on practicing pelvic exercises.

These exercises will surely help you in tightening the vaginal walls. So, consider these issues as soon as possible and try to overcome these problems of loosen vagina as soon as possible.

How Does V-Tight Gel Works?

V-Tight gel has numerous benefits and works absolutely as it is intended to do.

The gel is made up of 100% natural ingredients that are mentioned below.

Is V Tight Gel permanent?

The V-Tight gel helps in tightening the vagina and brings it back to its original position when loosened.

  • The basic purpose of V-Tight gel is to narrow down the vaginal walls naturally in a very short period of time without causing any pain.
  • The gel works the best for bringing back the loose vagina to its actual condition and shape it was before.
  • Helps in increasing the lubrication and removal of the dryness of the vagina.
  • Gives women a feel of their younger-self that is full of confidence. Boost up their strength and performance in bed with their better half.
  • Make the sex time full of pleasure and enhance the feel of orgasm.
  • Helps in making your sex journey full of enjoyment and diversity.
  • Improves the tone of the muscles.
  • Usage of V-Tight gel has a positive and essential effect on a female’s monthly periods.

You are expected to experience visible results over a course of one month, but noticeable results can appear after using the gel for 3-4 months.

What Are The Ingredients Used In V-Tight Gel?

The following component used in the formula of V-Tight gel helps in observing quick and clear results.

Here is a list of the ingredients that combine and work effectively in tightening of vagina.

Manjakani Extract

It is considered as one of the most integral elements of V-Tight gel.

Manjakani Extract is that one component that functions the most for the tightening of vagina. Manjakani is basically a natural herb which ultimately means that it is organic and has no side effects.

It is considered as one of the strongest astringent that is natural too.

Manjakani has the property of contracting the tissues of vaginal walls and making the loose vagina firm just like it was before.

It also helps in lessening the amount of vaginal discharge that is responsible for bad odor.

Moreover, this amazing product is a sure to give life to your sex journey as it will add a lot of sensations, intensity, and pleasures.

Now you don’t have to bear the lack of self-confidence due to the loose vagina, but now with the use of this product you can confidently enjoy your bedtime with your significant other.

Women usually face this issue of bad odor from vaginal discharge, to save you from embarrassment this product removes the bad smell from the area of the vagina and kicks off another problem.

Enjoy your sex time with your partner and love every moment when your man is down there.

Sodium Benzoate

It is an ingredient used in the composition of V-Tight gel. Sodium Benzoate is used as a safest preservative.

It is a secure additive because it combines with other components and makes this product safe to use without causing any harm or other weird side effects.

Citrus Extract

The basic function of citrus extract in the V-Tight gel is to dilute the acidity rate of the gel.

Citrus Extract makes the gel less concentrated and bearable as per the neutrality of the vagina. To avoid side effects this element is used.


V-Tight gel contains a few amounts of Arginine that is responsible for expanding the veins of the vaginal area so that the blood can flow to the vaginal walls and linings.

It increases the flow of blood and helps the blood to flow right at that part.

Sodium PCA

Sodium PCA is an amino acid salt that occurs naturally and is also considered as an element that moisturizes the human body.

So, Sodium PCA works the best to moisturize the vagina naturally.

How To Apply V-Tight Gel?

Most of the women are confused about the procedure of applying V-tight gel. It is one of the most frequently searched questions.

What cream can I use to tighten my Vigina?

It is a gel and it is right to say that V-Tight gel can also be applied as any other gel that is a direct application of the gel. But here comes a few questions such as if it’s applied all over the vaginal area?

On the inner side of the vagina? And how many times a day?

Well, it is a simple procedure and here are few of the steps that you need to follow while applying V-Tight gel.

  1. The first and most important thing to do is to wash your hands, to avoid any kind of infection in that sensitive area you must clean your hands first.
  2. Take out a small amount of gel (pea sized) on the tip of your finger.
  3. Begin with applying the gel inner lining of the vagina and continues by gently and slowly going down into the hole of the vagina. Make sure to apply the gel inside all over the vagina.
  4. Gently Rub the gel inside your vagina and make sure all the area is covered thoroughly.

There are several options for using this product, it depends on your needs. You can apply this gel a couple of minute right before having sex.

Instantly, you will feel that your vaginal area is contracting.

Females who have been using V-Tight gel are actually surprised by the quick results. You can use this product in a specific pattern by scheduling the timings of applying gel once or twice in a day.

Moreover, the results of the gel starts showing up after ten minutes of its use.

So be sure, that the effects of the V-Tight gel are not permanent, rather long-lasting. That is, you would feel your vagina tightened for a longer period of time, but not forever.

As there are no V-Tight gel side effects, so it’s better to use the cream consistently and regularly to get the best results,

What Are The Benefits Of V-Tight Gel?

A lot of questions might cross your mind before using V-Tight gels.

Now, women you don’t have to worry as here are the best benefits that V-Tight gel has to offer.

Makes Vagina Firm And Tight

Women are usually worried about the firmness of their vagina, because a loose vagina is considered as unpleasant.

A loose vagina seems to be unattractive and might not satisfy your partner.

V-Tight gel is the best solution to this problem, as the product guarantees to tighten the vagina and make it get back to its actual shape.

The gel has some effective ingredients that helps in restoring and reshaping of your vaginal walls and works actively to regain the right position where it actually resided previously.

Moreover, this process of bringing back the tightness and firmness of a woman’s vagina is natural. V-Tight gel does wonders for women as it restores the elasticity and suppleness of the vagina.

From narrowing the walls to restoring the shape of vagina, V-Tight gel is the right choice for women.

By the application of V-tight gel over the vaginal area, the dryness of the vagina will be reduced and highly increases lubrication.

V-Tight gel also helps in making you feel young and confident about yourself.

Guarantees Flexible Vagina

Just like a loose vagina seems not pleasant similarly a stiff vagina is not a symbol of a healthy vagina.

Both the firmness and flexibility of a vagina needs to be in a balanced proportion. So, with the use of V-Tight gel it doesn’t mean that the flexibility of your vagina will be lost.

After the application of this gel it is not right to say that the vaginal walls will not allow any elasticity.

So, women don’t worry and have a peace of mind as V-tight gel makes sure that the flexibility of a woman’s vagina is brought equal to the ratio with the tightness of vagina.

Moreover, V-Tight gel will not make your vagina stiff.

Works Effectively In Reshaping The Vaginal Walls

If you have a loose vagina, do not think of going through any surgery just to tighten it up.

Getting surgery to gain the firmness of a vagina results in so many side effects and other complications later. But what is the right way to gain firmness if a woman has loose vagina?

The safest method to achieve the right shape of the vagina is to go for an option of V-Tight gel. The gel helps in reshaping the loose walls of vagina just as it was before and brings it back to the original position.

Furthermore, V-Tight gel is a safe method of reshaping the loose women’s vagina and making it look like a healthy vagina without any odd surgeries.

Enhances Lubrication And Eliminates Dryness

Apart from just tightening a loose vagina and reshaping it to look like a healthy vaginal, the V-Tight gel has a lot more benefits to offer to the women.

With the use of V-Tight gel you don’t have to worry about the health of your vagina as it brings up the balance of firmness and elasticity.

Moreover, with the application of this gel the vagina of a woman produce good amount of lubrication while having sex.

The gel helps in eliminating the vaginal dryness and let women perform well in bed.

The exact amount of lubrication will be produced in the vaginal area through the use of V-Tight gel and helps you in satisfying your partner.

Helps You In Making Young And Confident

Well women of all ages want to feel confident and young. And which women don’t want to feel young?

Everyone wants to. But having a loose vagina that has lost its firmness symbolizes that you are not young anymore.

When you observe your vagina loose its tightness it is the moment when you lose your self-confidence as well.

For saving you from this stress, V-tight gel is a product that helps you in regaining your self-confident by making your vagina tight and firm enough.

The gel will reshape your vagina and clear your doubts about yourself. So, women be confident about your younger-self and enjoy making love with your partner.

Better Sex Drive

The use of V-Tight gel makes your vagina healthy and helps in restoring, reshaping, and tightening the vagina.

It also helps in performing better while having sex with your partner. The gel increases the sex drive in women.

During the sexual intercourse, V-tight gel works incredibly and allows you intense and powerful orgasm.

So, women enjoy your sex life with full of pleasures with the use of V-Tight gel.


Relying on the gel is just not enough. For better and prominent results you have to work a little more.

V-Tight gel surely helps in the tightening of the vagina and bringing it back to the original position with so many other benefits.

But for better and quick results there are few additional things which you could do.


Kegels is a simple and easy exercise that helps in tightening of vagina and helps in making the stronger muscles of the pelvic floor.

Kegels is a clench-and-release type of exercise that both men and women can do anywhere at any time. But to do this exercise, you need to start by observing your pelvic floor muscles.

In order to do this, you need to stop midstream while you are urinating. And if you do it right that means you have identified the actual muscles.

After doing this, select a right position that can be either lying on a back on the floor or just by bending the knees.

Choose a comfortable position as per your choice, after then tighten your pelvic floor muscle and contract while holding for approximately 5 seconds.

Release the muscles for a time period of another 5 seconds. 5 times in a row you can repeat this step of contracting and releasing the pelvic muscles.

For effective results exercise 3 sets of Kegels for about 5 to 10 times a day.


It is a yoga styled exercise that helps in strengthening the core of a woman.

This exercise includes the movement of a women’s buttocks, upper arms, abdominal muscles, upper arms, thighs, and oblique that are basically involved in sex position as well.

To do a plank pose, all you have to do is to lay face downwards with the help of the palm of your hands on the floor followed by your forearms positioned flat on the floor as well.

Slowly move your body a bit upper from the floor in a straight position.

For approx. 10 seconds hold this position and repeat. It is an exercise that is beneficial for boosting the confidence in a woman for sexual positions.

Leg Raises

This easiest exercise does not involve any difficult steps but benefits a lot in making your sex life easy with full of pleasures.

This simple helps in making your vagina tight and keeps your overall body as well.

In order to perform this exercise all you have to do is to find a right and comfortable position, lay down on the floor and simply raise your legs upwards to a certain extent.

Try to keep your legs straight in the air.


You are what you eat. Taking a healthy and balanced diet is essential for keeping your body active.

Add leafy green vegetables in your everyday meals and take a proper amount of proteins as it will benefit a lot in strengthening your muscles and other body parts.

Moreover, hydration is yet another important key point for staying active.

Drinking a lot of water helps in fulfilling your everyday tasks proper and keeps you energized all day long.

Does V-Tight Gel Have Any Side Effects?

V-Tight gel has all the ingredients that are natural and safe.

The formulation of this gel does not contain any chemicals or harsh use.

All the components of this gel are plant based and hence carry no V-Tight gel side effects.

Many V-Tight gel reviews state that the women who have been using the gel for over a long period of time haven’t observed any side effects yet. So, this gel is safe to use and apply.

Is V-Tight Gel Available At GNC And Other Stores?

If you wonder where can I buy V-Tight gel, and if the product would be authentic.

Surprisingly, the V-Tight gel is available at many shops and online stores.

V-Tight gel in stores

For instance, a major online retailer Amazon and in stores like Amazon, Walmart, CVS and GNC offer the gel. But there’s always a risk of fakeness, as you can never be sure if the product is original or not.

So, coming back to your question of where can I buy V-Tight gel. Well, the best option is to buy the gel from the official site of the manufacturer which is

The official store offers authentic and original products at reasonable prices. So if you buy multiple items at once, you can save a lot of money.

Moreover, the site also offers 100% money-back guarantee on its products.

So that if you are unsure about the decision, you can ship back the unopened and unused items to the manufacturer.


Women certainly need to feel their best self, and a tight and firm vagina is what contributes to that feeling.

There isn’t anything wrong with a flabby or lose vagina, but there isn’t anything incorrect about a gel which makes the vagina firm and improves your sex life. 

If you wish to keep your sex life active, intense and full of pleasure, then you should definitely consider giving the gel a try.

Also, if you have been longing that sense of youthfulness and passion, then the V-Tight gel is your ultimate solution to bring back your firm vagina.

Reshape the walls, make the vagina tight, feel confident, and enjoy a satisfying sexual experience with every use of the gel.

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