Vaginal Bleaching – Intimate Bleaching Trend Boosted by CARDI B

Celebrities around the world do not hold back when they get anything done for themselves. Cardi B, the future female rapper shared one of his Instagram statuses saying “Bleaching my Coochiee” which started the fire amongst her female fans. 

Vaginal Bleaching or Intimate Bleaching came into focus after Huda Kattan, a beauty vlogger shared her DIY hacks to change the color of the genital area. It is a fact that a darker vagina captivates no one and vaginal bleaching can be helpful to lighten the darker vulva tissues. 

Not only this, latest reports from the UK states that “an increasing number of private clinics in the U.K. are offering ‘intimate skin whitening’ procedures (known less euphemistically as ‘vagina bleaching’) to permanently remove darker colored tissue in the area.” 

Intimate bleaching salons are yet to be famous in the US because the fashion came from the Middle East and Europe, said Shari Marchbein, a New York City Based Dermatologist. 

What is Vaginal Bleaching?

Vaginal Lightening or Intimate Bleaching is a procedure where the use of specialized treatment happens to lighten the genital area or labia.

One expert from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center (Michael Cackovic, MD, an Ob/GYN ) tells the health that it’s a name of a cosmetic procedure to lighten the vagina, not from inside but it mainly focused on the vulva. This is the vaginal part that exists outside of the female’s body. 

Vaginal bleaching can be done using laser treatment or topical creams, just like anal bleaching that is directly applied to the skin. It involves a lightening vulva, labia as a result of which the overall vagina appears shinier or lightened. 

Vaginal bleaching results do not last for longer, IFE J. Rodney, MD, FAAD tells Health. The normal color of the vulva is darker, upon bleaching customers choose to light it temporarily, and is not permanent. 

“Once you stop using the creams or don’t continue to get chemical peels consistently, then the darker color will return.” She says.

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Why Do Females Seek Vaginal Bleaching?

Vaginal bleaching is 100% for beauty purposes, many experts suggest. The darker color of the labia is normal and women with darker color tone are the ones who like to have a slight change.

It’s not defined from where this trend was created, however many people say it has something to do with the porn industry. The porn movies portray a certain level of genitals which makes people think that vagina should look like in the movies. 

Some women perform vaginal bleaching simply because they want to look more youthful and attractive to their partners. Let’s admit, men are suckers for female celebrities online and once they saw Cardi B doing it, they will surely vouch for it to their partners. 

The physiology of women says that some areas on the vagina due to hyperpigmentation produces darker skin, especially where there is hair. This is normal as well as healthy because those dark spots are not a bad thing according to the doctors.

The color tone of the labia and vulva is unique to every person, the dark color of the vagina isn’t unhealthy or abnormal that needs to be changed, some experts advise users to feel empowered by how their bodies look naturally. 

How Vaginal Bleaching Works?

After knowing how to bleach your private part, many females googled intimate bleaching laser near me, intimate bleaching laser cost, and intimate bleaching salon. There are a plethora of websites from the medical clinic across the US now who offers their services in the major cities (Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix). 

It is called intimate area lightening by some while other experts in practice call it simply Vaginal Bleaching. These clinics are often run by plastic surgeons and dermatologists who promises female customers to remove the genital discoloration.

The process is done by some chemicals or laser treatment which brings the unique fair white color to the vaginal skin and little golden hair on the top that makes it look sexier!

The discoloration of the vaginal skin is normal and it doesn’t need any change unless it’s for attraction purposes. 

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What are the Risks for Vaginal Bleaching?

According to the doctors about intimate bleaching, it is bad for the skin of the vulva and causes irritation and various skin-related problem. According to Dr. Streicher, it’s potentially very dangerous. 

When we asked why Dr. Rodney explained, the skin surrounds the vulva and genital is way too sensitive than any other body area.

Even when the vaginal bleaching is done correctly the use of chemicals or lasers increases the risks of skin burning, vaginal irritation, and discoloration. Dr. Rodney also prohibits users to consume the bleaching cream that contains Hydroquinone. The long-term use of Hydroquinone can result in irreversible black staining of the skin. 

According to many customers and experts, vaginal bleaching can also lead to pain and burning sensation along with rash, skin redness, and nerve-damage upon long-term use.

This doesn’t mean it should happen to everyone, some people found vaginal bleaching safer than most however it is recommended to use the best bleaching cream for private areas. 

Vulvar pain is another risk involved with vaginal bleaching, many doctors do not perform this procedure because a lot of them think the perfect tone of the vaginal skin is the natural one. 

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How Laser Vaginal Bleaching Operates

Laser vaginal bleaching is specifically for the removal of dark-colored tissues in the vaginal area. The laser therapy even goes in the perineum. The procedure uses the latest generation special laser which comprises 3 or more sessions. Every session is 15 minutes longer depending on the case. 

What laser vaginal bleaching does is simply remove the melanin layer on the sensitive areas, this is how you remove the undesired color from the vulva. 

You need to make an appointment first and this process is started by using local anesthesia. After the operation, special care is given to maintain the hygiene care of the area. It is not advised to have sex right after a day of vaginal bleaching, usually, it would take 3-4 days after the last session. 

Vaginal Bleaching Cost

Each session of vaginal bleaching cost around $650-$750 which is way too much for a normal person. Usually, there is a promotional offer provided by some clinics in which they cover all 3 sessions under a $1,000-$1,200 budget. 

The reason why most celebrities are following this trend is that they got enough money to waste it on things like this. 

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Best 8 Natural Hacks to Lighten your Vagina

As an alternative to vaginal bleaching, we gathered some natural ways to lighten up the gloomy skin of your vagina. Note, they don’t cause side effects like the one we saw with laser vaginal bleaching. 

Essential Olive Oil

Females are encouraged to massage the vaginal area with essential olive oil and leave it overnight. This treatment is also good for reducing wrinkles and to soften the vaginal skin. 

Lemon Juice

Mix lemon juice with water and 1 tablespoon of organic honey and gently massage on the vaginal walls. Let it stay for 3-5 minutes and rinse it off using tepid water. 

Egg Whites

Make a froth with egg white by whipping it, apply the paste uniformly on the vaginal area. When it’s dried, wash off with water. 

Aloe Vera

In a bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and a pinch of turmeric powder. This paste is massively beneficial for antiaging purposes and can be applied to the vaginal area for 20 minutes. Rinse it off using lukewarm water afterward and repeat this 3 times a day. 

Coconut Oil and Honey

Take a bowl and mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 teaspoon of honey. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds and gently apply it to the vagina. Leave it for 15 minutes and remove it by using Rose Water. 

Cucumber and Aloe Vera

Make a rich paste of cucumber by crushing it and aloe vera gel. Apply it to the discolored or affected area for 15 minutes. Using cold water, rinse off the paste. 


Massage with yogurt gently on the vaginal area for 5-7 minutes. Let it settle for 15 minutes and wash it off with slightly warm water. 

Sandalwood with Tomato Juice, Lemon Juice, and Cucumber Juice

First, you have to make a paste of sandalwood, tomato, cucumber, and lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the vaginal walls and leave it for some time. After this, wash it using cold water and keep the skin dry.